Monday, 5 July 2010

Friday evening - Dutch style x (part 2)

Holland where playing Brazil, it was 32 degrees, town was buzzing with football supporters which made finding somewhere for our ‘sun downers’ (officially have adopted this term from Dutch) a challenge, we found a small pub off the main square and drank several (3) pints of Holland’s finest draft.

We talked and laughed, watched the world go by, Holland were winning so the pace was increasing in the square. A few moments after the final whistle blew fire engines joined the crowds to celebrate hosing the hot supporters down in the water spray. We headed off to dinner and found Gauchos , an Argentinean steak house.

We ate, drank and flirted, resolving after a litre of red wine to head back to the hotel. I love to listen to him talk, whilst he has a local accent of where we both live his is punctuated with scandic tones and words.

We wandered back to the hotel hand in hand, stopping to drink and find directions we had tact our way to the restaurant and were trying to find a more direct route back.

We enjoyed a couple of cheeky drinks at the bar then head back to the sanctuary of the bedroom. I disappeared to the bathroom and shower and put on something far more inappropriate. It was a black see through baby doll, ties or should I say unties at the cleavage, matching panties and silk stockings with 5” luxurious lace tops. Finished with my current favourite shoes.. you know the black patent ones.

The great thing is even with those heels on he was still taller. He took hold of me and kissed me deep and passionately.

The panties didn’t last long, he slid them down and pushed himself against me. He slammed his hips hard on to my wetness, pinning my arms down and kissing me with such passion. He began to bite, nibble and tease me. I was struggling to free myself, not wanting to win but enjoying the fight.

Still holding my wrists and holding my legs apart Dutch disappeared between my thighs, teasing licks to start with. His tongue felt amazing, it dint take long with the way he was licking me to have me at a peak, the way he lick from my hole and over my clit, the way he alternated and suckled my clit was mind blowing.

As my first wave of the evenings orgasm started over me he took tight a hold of me, making sure I couldn’t pull away, my clit went so sensitive and I was writhing and bucking against his attentions, he was relentless, forcing me to cum again and again. When he sensed it was getting to much he slowed, held me, then took me there again. I officially love his oral.

A little later I took the opportunity to repay the compliment and gave Dutch a teasing blow job, taking my time, giving him pay back. I made him ache and urge me to take him. I teased him until he was oozing precum and his balls twitched as I licked and took them in my mouth, sucking them gentle.

I took him deep in my throat and moved up and down the full shaft, as he came I push down and he shot straight into my throat.

He put the blind fold on me and continued to tease me, for over an hour he had me in a spin, cumming and aching for him. He hadn’t been inside my pussy though, he knew he was driving me wild, I was begging him to enter me, he told me no, I begged him to kiss me kiss me, he was hovering close, I could sense him there, feeling his breath so I move to him and he pulls away. I was quivering, shuddering at ever touch, every inch of me felts so alive and sensitive. He lay beside me and moved to spoon me. I melt into his arms he felt so affectionate, then his fingers disappeared under the covers again. Running slowly along my bum, parting my cheeks and easing the tip of his cock into my ass. Once the head was in he pushed in hard, taking my breath away he paused as I accommodated him then fucked my ass hard until he came deep inside me. He pulled out and replaced his cock with his fingers, 1 .. then 2... 4.... he asks “do i want his thumb” he doesn’t wait for my verbal reply. As he works me open and pushes his hand deep into my ass I start to cum, at first I can’t take all of him it’s too much, I’m at my limit, he waits until I’m in the throws of cumming and pushed in so deep..I start to gush everywhere.

I fell asleep in the arms of Dutch, feeling so content and happy... excluding the lack of in pussy action, but he wanted me hungry and aroused, that I was.

More scheduled to post at midnight GMT ;D

For those who are interested in the non sexual side of me I have posted on my other blog the outside the bedroom take on the weekend



  1. Sounds so hot and fun. Can't wait to hear more...

  2. I'm still amazed at your ability to take a hand up your ass...

    Quite the weekend, I'm glad that it lived up to your expectations!