Friday, 2 July 2010

she was amazing - flash fiction friday

It was meant to be a 3some, he was meant to be there to fuck both of us but at the eleventh hour he cancelled. Neither of us had been just one on one with a woman, both of us were aroused and not wishing to waste the night. We talked, drank and giggled. I offered to take some pictures of her, I wanted her naked.

As she undressed I kissed her, I was trembling, she kissed me back so perfectly.
We stood breast to breast naked anticipating what would happen next.

I leant to take her nipple in my mouth and cupped her sex in my hand, teasing the lips open, her breath caught in her throat as I parted her and delved into her wetness.


2nd pic was from my first full experience one on one with a woman. She was amazing.

The challenge for this Fridaywas to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 72-172 words. Additionally, I'd like to see you use the following phrase somewhere in the submission:

"...her breath caught in her throat..."

Go see who else played


  1. I'm pretty sure you were amazing,too. Love the FF!

    Safe(FUN!)travels, hun!

  2. Loved the story, and the second pic - just lovely!

    xx Dee

  3. Oh, that was awesome!!! Great piece. :)

  4. Very seductive....
    The pics enhance your words so much.