Sunday, 29 August 2010

the Farmer

I went to collect my paddle, I'd left it there the last time and it looks like it would be the end of the brief but fun relationship. I hadn't thought much about it I been too busy with my work crumbling around me. When I got to his door though my heart sank.
He greeted my with a smile and a warm hug. I went inside and he made coffee. We stood sipping coffee and talking, enjoying a cigarette as we talked about everything except us. When I finished my coffee he held me, he kissed my forehead with such care, like my dad used to, we locked eyes and the kisses changed.
For a brief moment the passion over took then we both pulled back. I sat on the couch finishing my coffee while he showered. When he return he spoke to me about thing as a friend again. I decided to leave as it was clear from his words and actions we were going to end up having sex again. I'd even put my "fuck hope no one see's me in these knickers" on. I told him and laughed.
We kissed and said fair well. He whispers leave now or I'm going to fuck you. My brain urged my legs to move but my pussy was closer to them and forbid them to move. He started to walk against me, pushing me to the bedroom. I ask him not too, I don't want him to regret me. He pushes me back onto the bed hard and pulls off my knickers without ceremony and enters me with such strength. As he does so he tells me to fight. He fucks me so hard and deep and I scream and fight him telling him to stop, telling him not to do it. It makes him harder and me wetter.

He covers my mouth as a scream, making me cum hard. He pulls out of me unfinished and lies next to me, tells me to leave. I try to move and his hands hold me down and penetrate me, rubbing my clit with such vigour I cum again.

This time I get up to leave. I go to take the paddle and he tells me to forget it again. I want to collect it again next week. This time I want my dress ripped from me as he takes me.

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