Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Therapy session 5 - pre holiday

Prior to going away I popped to see the therapist, I needed some stress relief. As ever we took some pics and I thought this time Id let the pictures do most of the talking.

He was pleased to see my sexy underwear he looked at me approvingly and kissed me as his hands explored me. He took charge straight away and slipped on the blindfold, he took some pictures and he proceeded to tie me up.

Once I was securely tied to the bed, blindfolded and had ear plugs in, he teased me using his mouth, fingers, other items I didnt even know what they were but the felt great against my body. Then the first sting came, a peg on my nipple, then another, the another...

I felt an unusual and intense feeling on my other nipple at the time I couldnt work out what it was, the nipple suction cups really to feel like someone is sucking you so hard and consistantly. I was getting so wet and at this stage and he hadnt even touched my pussy he was enjoying teasing me, making me wait.

I then felt his warm tongue against my lips and he went to town and licked me until I came over him I was bucking and grinding on his face as I came.

He then gently spanked my soaking wet pussy a few times and he stepped back and teased me again for a while.

Then another sting, this time my pussy lips. It felt so intense almost too painful but everything I wanted as well. I needed to feel it.

I was at my upper limited but knew I was in safe hands and relaxed and enjoyed the ride, he held my engorged clit in his fingers and I knew what was going to happen, he waited knowing the anticipation would be almost more than the act its self.

He pegged it and then licked the tip of my clit that was exposed until I came. It felt amazing. He then removed the pegs and forced his hand deep inside my dripping wet cunt and fisted me until an squirted over him, he lapped it up and made me cum more.

It was an amazing session as ever.


  1. Speechless.

    (but very aroused)

  2. Oh yes, I forgot. I'm playing TMI Tuesday, stop by HERE


  3. Every moment of that session was worth it and I wasn't even there. My body is wishing I was there though. Yum

  4. I WANT YOU, WOMAN!!! You are so much fun!!!

  5. Consider yourself awarded a second time.

    It's right Here

    I love this post. And the photos.

    Thank you.

  6. Those pictures are just so fucking erotic! Damn, girl!