Monday, 19 April 2010

Todays sex - a fantasy or a plan??

Been a stressful weekend and no time for myself so as I closed the door to the children as they went to school I grabbed my bullet from my bag and headed to the bedroom.

I was briefly distracted by an email from an old lover but as quickly some naughty thoughts flew into my mind. Following last weeks fun with my legs bound together me and HIM have spoken about pushing this idea further with either cling film or that rubber bondage tape. So in my mind this morning as i closed my eyes and gently caressed my clitoris with the bullet I was being bound from ankles upwards. A toy place in both holes and a vibrator on my clit, not on enough power to make me cum but enough to make me beg.

I came with a shudder as I thought of my lover cutting holes in the clingfilm to access the parts of me he wants to touch and abuse.

A fantasy or a plan? I think a plan, going to go to costco to get a big roll for the car boot! and the upside is if we do this a few hours before we go out I might drop a dress size lol!


  1. Cool! That looks like a lot of fun!

  2. I think I could go with a plan like that too