Monday, 26 April 2010

Last nights sex... I was a very bad girl!

Been ages (well a day or so) since I came last and I was so aroused. I had been in the company of a former lover and it hadn't helped matters. After working until late and the husband going off to bed I decided to get a toy out.

I played while chatting to a friend online and came but not enough, it was late so I went to bed. I was lay there and i was soaking wet and aching still so I reached down and fumbled about in my handbag until I found my bullet. The husband was lay facing me, naked in a deep sleep. His cock was hard as he slept< i could see it on the half light. I slipped the bullet between my lips and rested it against my clit it was on medium speed. I lay there moving slowly, pulling and pinching my nipples, while watching his cock. Thinking about it being someone elses, thinking it was inside me.

I was starting to cum just as he woke up !! it was too late to stop, I lay there trying not to move as he settled back down facing the other way. The bullet was vibrating against my now sensitive clit I needed to remove it but needed to be sure he was back asleep before I did or he would hear it and too turn it off first would mean putting it on full speed against my throbbing clit...nooooooooooo! thankfully he was fast asleep again, growling. By this time though I gone past the pain of the sensitivity and I was aroused and ready to cum again so I did.... but I fell asleep with it in lol I would up a few hours later with it stalling as the batteries was dying! I was soaking wet, my clit was swollen and my juices all down my thighs.

I need sex. and soon x

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  1. hmmm if he woke up hard he wouldn't have hit it?