Friday, 2 April 2010

Limits D to F

Ive started to appraise the limits list I posted on Monday. There are loads so I will do them in batches. Some I need help with explaining what the hell they are lol!

Diapers (wearing) not for me
Diapers (wetting) not for me
Diapers (soiling) defo not for me
Dilation - need help here, are we talking being held open or something totally different
Dildos - god yes as many as you can fit please
Double Penetration - Ive only done it with a toy and a partner, Ive always had such a fantasy about this that I dont want to blow it on a quicky
Electricity - love to try
Enemas (for cleansing) - yes so long as evacuation is in private
Enemas ( retention/punishment) - love to try
Enforced chastity - mmm sounds a good game
Erotic Dance (for audience) - yes but im sure it doesnt look as good as it does in my head! It would be like that scene when jamie lee curtis falls on floor when dancing for Arni in true lies
Examinations (physical) yes - is there a doctor in the house?
Exercise (forced/required) - FFS why would I do that for sex?
Exhibitionism (friends) - yep
Exhibitionism (strangers) - yep
Eye contact restrictions - nope
Face Slapping - erm dunno - kind of like it but can risk any marks
Fantasy Abandonment - yep
Fantasy rape - yes
Fantasy gang rape - yes
Fear (being scared) - only if i really trusted the person
Fisting (anal) - er yes! have you read my blog!
Fisting (vaginal) - double yes (double fisting)
Flame play - nope my insurance
Following orders - yep wouldnt permit
Foot worship - worship mine
Forced bedwetting - only if putting out afore mentioned flames
Forced Bi - oh no! please dont make me kiss a beautiful woman
forced dressing - yep
Forced eating - depends on what it is
Forced homosexuality - have a fantasy of it but dont think I could force someone to partake
Forced heterosexuality
Forced masturbation - i think id cope
Forced nudity (private) - yep
Forced nudity (around others) - dont think so
Forced Servitude - nope, role play in bedroom maybe
Forced Straight - ok
Forced smoking - I'll bring the cigs
Forced TV / Gender Change - sounds fun
Full head hoods - yep

Full list was on Monday if you fancy a go x


  1. I like it even better with your comments. Hard to pick a fav but "Forced bedwetting - only if putting out afore mentioned flames" made me laugh out loud, lol,

  2. I had to laugh at erotic my mind if I tried to dance erotically it would turn out like one of those nightmare cartoons of a dancing blancmanche definately not erotic......but then I have been toying with the idea of learning belly dancing

    I have posted the list on my blog will have to give it some thought before I post my comments on it.

  3. Thinking of adding the limits list to another page so peeps can submit there and I will list them. What do you think?