Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Limits - G to L

Ive started to appraise the limits list I posted a week past Monday. There are loads so I'm doing them in batches. Some I need help with explaining what the hell they are lol!

Ive had so many messages on this I was thinking of adding a page to my blog for you guys to send in your top do's and defo wont's. let me know what you think?

Gags (cloth) ... use my panties please x
Gags (inflatable) ... id give it a bash
Gags (phallic) ... why go false when you could have real?
Gags (rubber) .... see above
Gags (tape) ... yes, will save on getting waxed x
Gas masks ... only if partner had a curry night before
Gates of Hell (male) .. have a glorious picture of a partner wearing this... fond memories (back in 5 mins, need to ponder a moment)
Genital sex .. im stumped, whats this mean?
Given away to another Dom (temp) - could be fun if done kindly
Given away to another Dom (perm) - if only this worked in marriage
Golden Showers - just don't ruin my hair or make up! or i will be more than pissed with you
Gun play - nope
Hair brush spankings - that's why god (john frieda) gave us the paddle brush!
Hair pulling - ooo yes harder
Hand Jobs (giving) - if i must! rather give a tit job or BJ
Hand Jobs (receiving) - love it
Harems (serving w/other subs) good god no! sex is meant to be my brake from life
Harnessing (leather) - could be fun
Harnessing (rope) - ditto
Having food chosen for you - hmmm not sure id like this unless the person know i would kill him if he picks a salad and no pudding!
Having clothing chosen for you - could cope
Head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) love it, have several Olympic medals for it
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus) god yes and don't come back up until your covered in my juices please!
High Heel Wearing - I don't think I need to answer this do I?
High Heel Worship - as above
Homage with tongue (non-sexual) whats this about?
Hoods - been there done it, got the t-shirt but... ruined my hair and got very hot.. was still fun though
Hot oils (on genitals) - sound fun
Hot waxing - yes yes yes
Housework (doing) - FFS! why would I do that? I get a woman in for that stuff
Human puppy dog - now if this means i get to lie on the sofa and be stroked, where do I sign up?
Humiliation (private) - depends on context
Humiliation (public) - no thanks
Hypnotism - What so I could behave like a chicken having sex n stuff? seriously though hav spoken to a Dr who is into sexual hypnotism and it sounds great, I have a kink for sleep sex so it ticks my box
Ice cubes - as punishment for being a bad girl do you mean, then putting them in my ass? making me hold it while they melt?? while im spanked?? no never thought about that much! ha!
Immobilisation - is this just a big word for being tied up? if so yes
Infantilism - kinda like the role play but not the connotations of this so tend to not do it, but for the record I do want to be a good girl x
Initiation rites - got me?? dunno?? neither does google??
Injections - does having lube squirted into my holes from a syringe count?
Intricate (Japanese) rope bondage - love to try, they can look so sexy
Interrogations - "honest I haven't just bought them" I'd stand up well I think!
Kidnapping - now this is fun
Kneeling - nope, broke both knee caps
Knife play - no thanks
Leather Clothing - rather rubber, silk, lace...
Leather restraints - yes
Lectures for misbehavior - daily!
Licking (non-sexual) - how can you lick non sexually? especially on a list of sexual limits??
Lingerie (wearing) - yep, love to dress to please x

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