Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Have you ever been given instructions to do something you didn't want to do, but did it because you were told to. How did that make you feel?

Yes, a couple of times and different feelings each time.

1st time was during phone sex years ago, I was staying in a hotel down near manchester and the guy I was talking to was telling me what to do while masterbating. I had to use different things to masterbate with, I wasnt commited or interested in pleasing him and was just pretending I was doing it so I had no result from it other than a million thoughts running through my head of this guy so does not get what turns me on.

In more recent times I have very much enjoyed the outcome, I didnt want to do the act, I had to try and fist myself. I knew I couldnt I've tried loads myself and I had to do it infront of a mirror. I so did not want to do that. But I commited to the act and wanted to please him. I couldn't fist myself as I predicted but I got the rewards for trying my hardest after. I felt cared for and happy I'd pleased Him.

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