Wednesday, 14 April 2010

HNT - and funny sexy tale about it x

I had been at the lovers for a few days and got back home the day this had been taken. I was still so horny but only because Id been indulge like a spoilt child for days sexually. We had bought loads of toys at the sex shop prior to me staying over one had been a clit clamp. We hadn't got around to using it and the idea popped into my head to put it on and try it. Then send a pic to M. I entered this full of enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of it, how it held my clit so proud. The door bell went and i quickly threw on my dressing gown and went to answer the door. It was my parents! they were passing and fancied a coffee and knew i was home alone and thought I'd appreciate the company!!! They stayed for an hour by then my clit was ready to explode. It had swollen and the clamp was stuck. I called M and he couldn't speak for laughing and calling me a dirty greedy bitch! Harsh but fair.

After some baby oil and ice being applied I managed to ease it off in the end. My clit felt so wonderful for days after :-) (click to see)

Join in the fun...

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... if you guess which one email me and I will send you the full pic the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x


  1. *laughs* OMG talk about timing..

  2. Great story.. if Mom and Dad only knew ;)

    love the shots too! Happy HNT

  3. Yes indeed if mum and dad only knew lol~!

    Great HNT~!

  4. OMG! It's funny now that you're okay but I'll bet you panicked a bit when you couldn't get it off. Happy HNT!

  5. hahahahahah that is tff!

    Looks like fun though!

  6. Now just LOOK at this hot, fun bitch and tell me YOU wouldn't just keep the clamp on to torture her for those few extra moments. Just to watch her rip the damned thing off and furiously go after her pussy!


  7. oops, i clicked on the picture first before i read ;)

    great story, awesome clicky

  8. The longer and more we need the release, the sweeter it finally is.
    Rock on!

  9. OMG that's some story! Cool pictures! Happy HNT!