Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tell me the farthest (geographically) you have ever gone for sex. And details...

good question! answered in 3 ways:

Farthest away from home I've had sex is away on business in the Middle East, I used to work out there a lot and I had a friend who I met on one of my first trips there who used to come and see me while I was there.
Farthest I have travelled hoping for sex is Worthing, after months of phone flirting with a customer of mine he asked my boss for a meeting face to face with me. We had dinner and ended up at my hotel naked and kissing but I then panicked and called an end to the proceedings!
Farthest I have travelled and had sex is probably Huddersfield (big grins). As for the detail I think I’d have to write a separate post as it was one hell of a naughty night. Oh and Peterborough! Although I did end up losing all sensations in both thumbs for weeks following a session in handcuffs!

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  1. I always made em come to me!

  2. *laughs* When I was 20 I traveled 9 hours to spend 12 hours in pure bliss. I ended up sleeping almost 24 hours straight after that. Oh my god...

  3. From the deep warm southeast USA to Fairbanks Alaska! My girlfriends girlfriend had NOT had sex all Alaskan winter and both wanted to see my tiny dick used and abused! They nearly busted my nuts quite literally!