Friday, 30 April 2010

Bad bad things I want to do in may

1. I have a fantasy of being bathed then tied over a chair, have my lips shaven and cream rubbed into them, then be told im not allowed to get my pussy wet or cum... or else. Then be teased to beyond control and have to receive my punshment for failing.

2. Saren wrap, I really enjoyed trying the imobilisation and teasing the other week with the ribbons so as ever I want to explore this further, although I am concerned that it will be too intense, not to mention hot and sweaty, but im interested to see how it feels and how I react.

3. Buy 2 new sex toys, one being Ben Wa balls the other I havent decided yet so any suggestions to add to my collection would be welcome.

4. meet someone that can take pictures of me (they need to be very gifted so I look hot!)

and something not bad.... fall asleep in the arms of a man that wants me x


  1. HEy I might can take pics! I'm hot so you will look gifted!


  2. I have strong arms, an imagination, and a desire to know your company. Oh, and since I'm bald, I know expertly how to shave in the right way...:)

  3. MAY all of your desires be achieved in MAY!

  4. You have nice plans for May. Hopefully they will come true.

  5. I've had the opportunity to photograph some blogger friends, it's lots of fun! Unfortunately you and I are on different sides of the pond. And my photography skills are only mediocre at best :-/