Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ok here is my top place i wouldn’t have sex again....

1. Show house while it was open for viewing while wearing those silly shoe covers
2. Amusements park where over excitable security guards are employed
3. Toilets of favourite restaurant (can’t go back again unless wear a disguise)
4. Stood up in 5” heels bent over with nothing to hold on to! That seemed like such a great plan and then i was certain I was to be launched any moment from his cock into the wall, kind of spoiled the moment
5. The beach, indeed the chaffing of the sand is just too much
6. The car, I’m very tall so its hard enough but did get a pain in my back once reach to se what it was and Id broke the sons favourite power ranger toy in my moment of passion
7. Stood up against car in an abandoned car park a group of property investors came in and we had to stay holding each other and faking me crying as they walked by and measured right next to us
8. Bent over a log in a wood, it was rotten and during the enthusiastic pounding I was getting the log broke and I tumbled to the floor bare ass in air!

Im sure there are more to add and sat laughing at every instance

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