Tuesday, 9 November 2010

TMI random sexual facts - Groups & Swinging

http://virtualsin.wordpress.com/ has thoughtfully suggested some questions for TMI Tuesday.

These questions are for someone contemplating swinging or group sex, I already participate in both so have answered accordingly:

1. Which would excite you more, watching or being watched?
Ive done both, and enjoy both equally

2. If swinging, same room or separate room?
Same room, it is so arousing watching your partner with another woman while you feel their partner arouse you.

3. Preferred threesome: MMF or FFM?
Never done MMF but do fantasize about doing it.

I have 2 lovers that I care for/love, they are aware of each other, I am with one of them, blindfolded and being teased, I'm unaware that my lovers have spoken and arranged a treat for me.

I suddenly feel an extra pair of hands, I'm confused and excited, a kiss falls upon me that I recognise and realise that I am with both my men. Both lie next to me, their hands exploring me, their mouths tasting me.

They take my breath away, adoring me and penetrating me. Holding me open for each other.

I'm affectionately abuse by them both and devoured totally by them all night. Eventually we fall asleep tangled together and I'm woken intermittently by them making love to me.

4. For the threesome, should the other two be two friends, two strangers, or one friend and one stranger?
I would want to friends, I like sex to be intimate and i belive you need trust and understanding to have great sex.

5. Booze or stimulants allowed or banned?
Hell yeah! Allowed :)

links to last 2 4somes, lots of pictures :)



  1. Well I certainly enjoyed the FFM birthday prezzie you both arranged for me. xx its yours soon .......

  2. Ooh the link to the first foursome! I had not seen those.

    BTW...I'm adopting your MMF fantasy.

    I'm playing TMI Tuesday too CLICK HERE