Friday, 26 November 2010

It seems obvious to those of us who read your blog that you, Playfully Yours, and Hedone have a connection. Have you three seriously thought about getting together for a weekend of orgasms???

Yes, we would love too and next year I may have to work in the states in the spring and if so I think we would do our best to meet up. I'm sure the girls would agree and would welcome a very messy Fff.

There are a couple of male blog friends I would also like to meet, NV for one and #hubman38.

Think I would have to organise a party on see who showed up!

Ask me anything


  1. If you're anywhere near FL, I'd love to meet you!

  2. Don't you dare forget me, if this happens!

  3. Hell Yes!!!! Name the place and time!!!


  4. She's all mine!

    Okay, I'll share with Playfully Yours...and H...and C-Man...and Marcus...and

  5. Okay you won't believe the word verification: "weadjoin" As in We'd join...we'd join in LOL LOL