Tuesday, 16 November 2010

TMI - random sexual facts

Whats the funniest...

1) place you have had sex
think this has to be in the car, we were fucking away like crazy kids i was only 17 and the boyfriend paused to kiss me and we realised the car was still moving. 4 lads were rocking the car and chanting fuck her fuck her... the boyfriend jump in the drivers seat and drover off, i lay in the back laughing as he drove round naked not knowing what to do or wehere to stop to get some clothes on! lmao!

2) Position you have done
I was bent over a foot stool and neither of us were aware that it bad wheels, he started to fuck me slowly then slammed into me and sent me shooting across the room! (proper laughing again as i write this)

3) Request from a partner
to sniff my bum! im a clean girl but the request grossed me out and made me laugh.

4) Item of clothing or outfit worn during sex
Those blue shoe covers when in a show house! very sexy indeed but we were in a show house and there were people downstairs checking the place out while we fucked furiously on the bed.

5) Thing that happened
Bent over a tree in a wood, i was with HIM. He started thrusting deep inside me and the branch snapped and i ended up on the floor ass bare and unable to move due to laughing. I was covered in mud!

Hope I made you smile x tell me your answers please and make me smile.


  1. Don't forget to post if you played xx

  2. Made me smile? OMG HnS these totally cracked me up. They are unbelievable.

    #2 I laughed so hard I had to go pee.

    #4 I'm going to start going to open houses/show houses in hopes of running into a randy couple doing it.

    #5 Glad you were not hurt, but it is funny. Like out of a comedy show.

    Thanks for sharing. This was truly TMI.

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    -Hedone, The Pleasure Prinicple