Tuesday, 30 November 2010

TMI - random sexual facts about me

Things to do in Decemeber

I love December, my birthday is tomorrow so for me its a month of celebration, its starts with a party, ends in a party and has many in between.

Work goes a little more quiet for me and it mean I will get some time to myself for fun so I've been making plans in my head.

1.I want to be fucked by a woman with a strap on, this is happening, all planned

2.Being dommed by a male and a female at same time, being their toy to play with

3.Enjoying a session of orgasm control, I want to be teased untl I cant take any more, I want to beg for release

4.I want to be tied to the bed by a trusted friend and be blindfolded then for a guest to arrive as a surprise

5.I want to meet a man that is happy to make love to me as be devilishly kinky to me on regular basis

Please send me pictures of you playing for my birthday post and let me know if you want a link or anon xx


  1. Happy Birthday Sexy!

    1. Hmm. A man just asked me to do that to him.

    4. Oh enjoy! I just did that for a Master and his blind-folded slave. She loved her surprise...Me! :-)

    5. I want one of those too :D

  2. 1. I have done that to a man....
    4. I am wanting this to happen...


  3. 1. Me too
    2. me too
    3. me too
    4. I want too be the guest
    5. sounds delish

    great questions and answers