Sunday, 7 November 2010

A week in review and another birthday gift

No one kissed me
No one held me
No one made me cum

13 loved my HNT and 3 loved my naughty OHNT picture. Http://

OMG!!! Hit 50,000 visitors this morning! Wow!

Its been a long stressful week and I need an escape. I need someone to make me feel wanted, I'm feeling invisible.

2 good blog friends had their birthdays, Hedone I gifted a pic on Thursday today is Playfully Yours's turn. I'm ready for you to un wrap sexy x


  1. I feel it would be best to start with my teeth to unwrap you. As I got further down I would only open my lips to meet yours to find that sweet clit to devour. Thank you. PY

  2. That's lovely! I love the aubergine ribbon and the matching comforter.

    Very pretty ribbon/rope work.


  3. That picture is so beautiful! What lovely legs you have!

  4. Ooooo how I *LOVE* that pic.