Friday, 5 November 2010

Restrained and not allowed to cum

Got back from the office early especially to prepare myself for him. Needed to ensure I had enough time to shower, shave pussy smooth and lace myself into a corset put the stockings and heels on. I lay on the sofa ready for him, he text to say he was on his way so I slipped the blind fold on and cuffed myself. I thought I'd set the mood!

He got the message loud and clear, I heard his intake of breath as he saw me, I could feel his smile of approval then I felt the first spank land on my ass.

He discovered the bullet vibe I had between my lips as he trailed his fingers over my smoothness. He ordered me to go to the bedroom and told me I wasn't allowed to cum.... I felt the revenge about to start from teasing him so much last night.

He took the cuffs off for a moment and as he did I took the opportunity to touch myself, knowing I wouldn't be able to for hours, he grabbed my wrists and pinned them down, the restraints went on this time my hands were behind my back, I was helpless and vulnerable.

I was so wet his fist went inside without any lube I needed to cum but knew I had to hold it for now, I'd have to earn it.

For the next 2 hours his actions contradicted his words, telling me I couldn't, mustn't and better not cum, but he was doing everything in his power to make me. He alternated from licking me till I was at the edge, fisting me then using the bullet on my clit. It was like I was wired to the mains. Each time I was at the edge I was begging him to be allowed to cum, then begging him to stop touching me when I was told I couldn't and if I did what the consequences would be. Then all of a sudden, as he pushed 2 fingers in my ass I had no control it started, I came so hard, I gushed and squirted cum on his fist.

(this happened in January with HIM)


  1. So very hot, the buildup to the overflow must have been so intense.

    He is very talented to be able to assert such control, in the end the gift sounds like it was worth it.

  2. So intense... I agree with Marcus, he is very talented I'm sitting here fully erect after reading that. Well done.

  3. Very hot! I have issues which make restraint difficult but I can empathise with the sense of anticipation.


  4. Just reading about your denial makes it hard for me to not want to touch myself and make myself cum.