Sunday, 13 June 2010

A week in review

10 orgasms.. 8 from the therapist 2 gifted to myself

1 man kissed me

1 man bit me until I cried and ran

1 man stuffed a large aubergine (egg plant for you foreign folk) in my pussy

1 man reminded me to sort diary to go to Amsterdam

1 man humiliated me in front of friends and family

2 men teased me at work and made me wet (separately)

1 man made me smile and wrote several fantasies about me

1 man cammed with me

I did my first FFF go see who else did..

5 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
11 people loved my HNT offering

Strangest request
To be a sow for a man?? and to let him sniff my ass??

Favourite request
To get my ass to Amsterdam ASAP and stop more traffic

Blogs I've loved reading this week: Ive loved this as it has 4 posts about me! lol so pleased to see him posting again always a delight to read and follow the journey I would love to enjoy a bottle of wine with this woman, she is so amazing

Off to be a domestic goddess, have a house full of guests arriving in 15Min's xx I will do post from therapy session later today I hope.


  1. Sounds like you had quite a week.


  2. Yum, FFF. I would love to be in one of those right now.

  3. I love your little week round ups. Always fun to read. Good luck with the domestic goddess-ness.


  4. What a roller coaster ride of a week. Lucky you to be used and teased by so many men. Glad to see you eat your veggies.


  5. Thanks for the compliment!

    Hmm, a mixed affair. Did you hear any more from the ear vampire?

    I must confess there is very little better than getting turned on at work by someone or something illicit!