Friday, 25 June 2010

A study in chiaroscuro - Flash Fiction Friday -

It was a lonely place being at University in America, she wanted friends and craved intimacy in her life but more importantly she needed money.

It was an advert she saw in the lunch room, life model required for art class. She grabbed the card and called the number.

The man that answered had a melodic accent, she couldn’t place where it was from but it charmed her they way he spoke. When she arrived the room was half lit and empty, nervously she stepped inside, a delicate touch on her shoulder made her jump, she turned and was stunned to see the ‘teacher’ he was 6ft 4, as dark as the night, athletic., but with a smile of an angel.

He led her to her stage for the hour, as he position her ready for class his touch made her shudder, the darkness of his hands contrasting against her British porcelain colour as he trace her curves, it would be such a study in chiaroscuro as she imagined him penetrate her.

Who else did Flash Fiction Friday?


  1. Ummm...I'm sooo hot for teachers. Especially those big 'uns. ;) Happy FFF!

  2. I'm struck by the number of people who identified with the model this week. This pic really talked to a lot of people, apparently. Nice entry! I'm glad you joined us this week.

    -- PB

  3. I'm considering doing life modeling myself... this story just makes me want to do it more! excellent work.

  4. That would be beautiful. Excellent FF!

  5. She did it for the money... A likely story. *laughs*

    And I somehow doubt that smile was angelic at all.

    Happy Friday!

  6. Aw, poor dear, having to imagine. But perhaps later... yeah, I think Diable is right, that smile isn't angelic, it's just patient. I really felt this piece. Great work.

  7. I agree with DI and Lexi... nothing angelic, just the devil in disguise - and well, I like that kinda man!! ;-)

    Happy belated FFF :)

  8. U women ALL want to be seen and admired !

    GOOD job !