Monday 14 June 2010

Random facts about me TMI and a video of me being naughty

1. I like having my hair pulled during sex
2. I have a crush on a female and a male blogger
3. The next time I'm fucked will be in Amsterdam
4. I have masturbated 3 times today and not cum
5. I adore a man stood behind me, kissing my neck and whispering what he will do to me

my bonus fact is..... I like to wear a clit clamp when masturbating as seen on video!

Tell me if you are playing this week and I will post your link, here are a few usual suspects....


  1. Oh wow! That was just amazing! Can I guess who the crushes are? If so, what will I get for getting it right? ;)

  2. I am playing too.....
    I can't see the video, damn it!!

  3. I LOVE having my hair pulled during sex. OMG *hot*....


  4. yes you can guess the prize is a naughty pic but only if you get them both correct x

  5. I love having my hair pulled as well. And it seems crushes are running rampant these days.;) Happy TMI Tuesday!

  6. My guess on who you have crushes on...PY and NV. Am I correct? ;)