Friday, 25 June 2010

this time next week

6 days!!16hrs and 55mins......

Haven't cum now for 13 days, haven't had sex for 42 days, haven't been kissed for 36 days when we stopped traffic.... This time next week apparently "Having lemon martinis with u, getting sustenance for the night ahead, telling u to put the benwa balls in..."

I'm not going to argue with the man x


  1. I bet you are about to explode!

  2. LOL, those last few days can be a torment as well as the biggest thrill in the world :) This is why I love long distance relationships!

  3. Push yourself as long as you can, young lady. I personally am not a huge proponent of orgasm denial, but I can see the reward here for you!

  4. That sounds very nice Lemon drop Martinis, him puttng in the benwa balls ... and then enjoying a meal at your favourite restaurant. The sights,sounds and atmosphere of such a great city,..... enjoy.

  5. God I'm horny on your behalf now!