Sunday, 27 June 2010

A week in review

0 orgasms.. 16 days of abstaining so far and another 4 to go (seriously frustrated but loving it)

no body over the age of 10 kissed me

1 man has delicious plans for me later this week

1 man made me ache so much

I started tweeting last week, follow me if you fancy x

4 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
6 people loved my HNT offering

I featured in elust, some absolute must reads in this months...

Favourite request
to remove my benwa balls in bar and drop them in my martini next week

Blogs I've loved reading this week:

A reminder of who Dutch is for those that didn't see the original post...

Met an old friend today for coffee. We have spoke for well over a year yet only met once before for a coffee, last time we were mid filthy conversation and I looked up and sat next too us was my Aunt and Uncle. Was one of those moments you wish the ground would open up.

I originally met him on a swing site his avatar pic caught my eye, he was in the kitchen wearing only an apron, such a sweet peach of an ass!We got talking and hit it off.

We parted last time with a peck on the cheek and we have remained in contact since, I fancied him but wasn't sure if he fancied me or just enjoyed my company and tales from the dark side.

He follows the blog from time to time and I was delight to get a text late last night saying he was back in town would I meet for coffee. We sat and chatted for what seemed a few minutes but was 2 hours and several gallons of Costa coffee beverages.

He walked me to my car and I must say I was a tad disappointed as in my head I wanted a tad more. I lent to kiss him, we lingered a moment and then KABOOM! he kissed me passionately back!!!

We kept trying to part but the kisses kept us tangled, we were both very aware of the pedestrians and cars passing us by and at one point it turned out we were blocking the traffic!! the lady driver seemed pleased with our display of public affection that was only punctuated by us both saying Friday. The moment seemed so perfect, a passionate man holding me, kissing and wanting me the sun was beating down and a light breeze in the air... it would be romantic if I didn't want to fuck him so badly. I was so aroused by him.

After about 20 mins of theeeeeee most delightful kissing with a tall attractive man whose hands traced my curves and held me as we kissed, we confirmed Friday afternoon he will kiss me again.... wow I wasn't expecting that x

The Friday picnic never happened :-(

I got a call from him at the hospital on the morning, a family member took ill I shant discuss on here and we ended up speaking loads on the phone and texting while he waited news. He wants to meet up again soon but to spend some quality time, he flies back to Stockholm tomorrow so he has offered to fly me to Amsterdam, the worlds sex capital, to spend a weekend together giggling and getting naughty.

So excited now, petrified I wont live up to his expectations... I will just have to tray hard not to x


  1. You're practically going to explode when Friday night with Dutch comes, aren't you?

    And thanks for mentioning my blog, I'm glad you enjoy it!

  2. I agree on your blog pick for the week (Hubman) was looking edible this week.
    Dutch is a lucky man and I truly believe that you will cum just by him looking at you....its been so long since you came.....

  3. My dear, don't you ever worry about living up to someone's expectations. I just hope he lives up to yours!