Friday, 17 May 2013

Something for the weekend #15

It's week 15 :)

In bed cover in his seed after morning pleasures and just realised I haven't posted my SFTW. Last night we ended up at the Dungeon Club, it was quieter than usual but than gave us pretty much free use of every implement and table in the dungeon. Needless to say I have a tender bottom this morning (I've posted a picat the bottom of here) BUT the most pleasure came after we got home. 

YSL got out the liberator ramp which we haven't used since I did a backward roll almost tipsy the day I got them! 

I thoroughly enjoyed using it, the angle it put me in made it feel easy and natural just to have my legs fully apart and exposing my cunt which YSL claim as his to abuse along with my other hole. After plenty of lick, fucking and fingering, me squirting everywhere, YSL then proceeded to fuck my arse for a good hour.

Now I'm just waiting for my croissant and fresh coffee he is grinding downstairs  :)

Dont forget to message me if you want to be the featured blog ..Any contributors that want to send over a "introduction to there blog" and a picture to tease I will do one a week.

Feel free to nominate a blog you enjoy as well and share the love!!

What it's all about?

With about lots visitors to my blog most weekends I thought I would create a weekly blog round up that  gives my visitors a quick list of some great reads in the blogosphere.

I will be posting this each Thursday night and closing submission Saturday at noon GMT.

I will be adding a few posts that I think my reader will enjoy and you can add posts from blogs you have read that you think make the grade. If I've already added one from your blog you can add another bonus one!

I hope you join in and enjoy discovering some great posts.

A few simple rules:
1) Choose a post from the past week that you want to draw attention to, you post can be from your archives but should only be posted once

2) The post should be sex or relationship related, it can be erotica, education, discussion or pictures/video

3) DO NOT USE YOUR POST TITLE, unless it describes what the post is about, tell the reader what is about e.g Photos and details of 3some, Male sex toy review and pictures, Thoughts on Poly Relationships.If your unsure just ask and I will amend

4) Add a link  using code on the side bar to let people you are part of the SFTW community

5) Tell people to visit if you are using social media, this is about helping other bloggers in the community so share the joy and it benefits us all

Submissions now open.....

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