Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tonight's sex

Just back from a relaxing night with YSL, it's been a long hard week for both of us so tonight's slow loving pace has been perfect. After holding me close for some time and giving in to letting go of the stress held in my body I reached between my thighs and started to masturbate. I loved the look upon YSL's face as he appreciated my arousal, his eyes lit up as my first orgasm of many crashed through me as he continued to hold me.

His cock showed great interest and with little adjustment he place his cock right next to my hole and joined in stroking his cock. Knowing he was so close to entering me but not allowing himself inside was like pouring fuel on the fire and sent me into another orgasm. YSL plunged his cock inside me and made love to me whilst caressing my swollen clit. He pulled out and continued to stroke his cock this time over my clit until I felt his warmth spill over me.

Right now I'm back home, I can still taste him as I sit here in bed.

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