Wednesday, 8 May 2013

TMI - YSL's answers!!! Masturbation

1. My favorite place to masturbate is ________ ?

I like my sex (solo or commual) to be comfortable, so a nice bed please

2. Have you ever masturbated in public? What were the circumstances?

In numerous clubs around the UK and Europe, but in the great outdoors, on the beach at Cap d'Agde with Yummy for the past couple of summers

3. Do you like mutual masturbation? Why?

ABSOLUTLEY, it is one of my favourites. Why?....The feeling of giving pleasure to each other at the same time where you can both give to the other person and enjoy at the same time. With mutual oral (69) I find that I want to concentrate on doing a good job giving so can't really concentrate at the same time on enjoying the receiving

4. When was the last time you masturbated?

Well, it's a daily occurance in my life

5. Have you ever masturbated on camera?

I have done. A girl that I met on a swinging site a few years ago, although we met a handful of times, really enjoyed 1:1 cam masturbating for each other............and who was I to spoil the fun :)

6. Do you like to watch people masturbate?

I do. It's such an intimate act that is tradtionally carried out alone and often in secret by most people, that to me it really feels like someone is showing you something very private and personal. As well as being aroused by it generally, I like to see what the other person enjoys doing and to be able to incorporate that into sexual play to pleasure them.

Bonus: Have you filmed yourself masturbating? Care to share that film via a link?

I'm sure Yummy will have footage somewhere

(I shall be sorting later this week as I can't post footage direct from my phone)

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  1. That is the one thing my boyfriend and I have not done together. We talk about it, but have yet to do it together. Now I masturbate in front of him all the time because once he gets me to orgasm over and over, I don't want to stop, even when he is finished.

    I have watched many video's of him masturbating and I love watching his cum shoot out. I have several men that send me masturbation video's. It is a huge turn on especially if I can hear their moans.