Monday, 9 July 2012

TMI Tuesday - Blankety Blank

Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks.

1. I could spend all day fucking but couldn’t stand five minutes being tickled.

2. I would love to have a robot in my house to do me because no one else ever does.

3. The older you get the more sex robots you get.

4. I want to order the robot when I get home.

5. My appetite for sex robots can never be satisfied.

Bonus: If I were a hoarder, I would hoard sex robots.

I think this better come with an industrial usage warrenty! REMOTE CONTROL FUCKING MACHINE!!


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  1. I get the feeling you like robots... :P

  2. Lol, I like your answers. :-) Happy Tuesday!

  3. Coincidentally, my lack of sleep has prompted a couple of my Twitter followers to suspect that I am a robot. I wonder whether this makes you any more attracted to me than you are already.


  4. Your answer to #1 makes me happy I'm not ticklish. I always hate when people tried to find tickle spots. Also... YAY ROBOTS! Happy Tuesday!

  5. 2. I just saw this on V's blog.

    4. LOL LOL

    You're a mess. :-) :D


  6. Screw Robots!! I want an Alien with tentacles!!