Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Don't you just love the Bigots

Thoughts I'd check through my formspring, I haven't looked in for a while and there are dozens of not so nice comments but these 2 did rather stand out.

I don't get why you would go on any website that is clearly about sex and a larger older woman and have the nerve to complain, that's why there is a small cross in the top corner of the page.

Jog on Mr Bigot I shall take your comment and stick it up my large old arse because I like it that way.


  1. We tend not to put much stock in the opinions of individuals who cannot spell the word "would", or worse yet, those who can spell it, but choose to senselessly misspell it in order to seem cool.

  2. They want your life that's all.. So since they can't they need to knock you down... jealous people............... you're beautiful...

  3. The best revenge is living well. You've already had the last laugh. :-)

  4. #RealityCheckDone .....honey. You look great, smell great, taste great.......that's why you are Yummy!!!!!

    I'm proud to accompany Yummy wherever we go, whether it is on our little trips away, holidays, clubs, restaurants. When she is fully dressed up for going out, especially abroad such as when we went to Cap d'Agde and Paris, she turns heads, of both men and woman, and you can see the awe in their eyes of this confident, curvy tall lady.

    As I often say to her, and always mean, 'I am always pleased that it is you that I going home with'.

    Love you
    YSL xx

  5. Hypocrites more than bigots but i think you could do well to ignore them, obviously fools.

  6. It's amazing how people that don't have a life, have a need to put down others to make their selves feel better.

    The photo's in this blog are lovely! Glad I just ran across blog as I am blog hopping! lol I'm always looking for new sexy reads!