Monday 9 July 2012

Swinging and Safe Sex

Sexual health while swinging is paramount in my book yet when at clubs, parties or private meetings I’m frequently astounded by the lack of care and consideration of sexual health for themselves let alone the others they will effect.

Picture this... we are naked on the bed at a club, there are many guys to chose from but the tall black guy catches out eye, we invite him to join us and YSL gives him the nod he can fuck me if he puts on a condom. The look of horror falls across the face of the guy, he hasn’t brought any. Now we never go clubbing without a dozen packets but we aren’t there to supply them to the dim and needy, YSL sends him away and with no intention of letting him back in play, he has missed his chance. We have on several instances sent single males to go fetch condoms, why would you go to a venue with the intention of sex with strangers and have none with you??

My second point is those who will only play bareback. Again we see this often, just a few weeks ago we saw a profile which spouted the words “only clean people need apply as I only play bareback” this was followed by his disclaimer “if there are any pictures of me with a condom on in my profile its because I use them to wank with to keep the sheets clean”. SERIOUSLY? Or have I missed the news that soap and water prevents STD’s and pregnancy?

Another we have come across is the man who thinks his cock is too big for them. This happened recently and yes his cock was HUGE but YSL had gone to the chemist and got some XXXL ready so I could experience his monster cock. Alas I wasn’t enamoured by the cocks owner and I text YSL while he was at the bar that there would be no need for the XXXL as he wasn’t going to get to fuck me, although we are ready for the next time.

On other (many) occasions we’ve encountered the reluctant wearer of the condom. Only because we insist on safe sex will they put one on. While they put one on and the truth I believe lies here, they can’t keep an erection with a condom on. I’m baffled by this because if it was me I would be practicing at home getting used to them and making them part of play so that in a group scenario I wouldn’t be ‘pushing rope’.

For me and YSL (I think I can speak for him on this) our want to enjoy each other so intimately can only happen because of our complete trust in each other and our staunch attitude when playing with others. It saddens me to see all the single guys having unprotected sex at the clubs, many married and playing away, not considering their partners welfare at all.

If you are interested I wrote a post when me and YSL resigned from using condoms.


  1. Words to live by! The trust that you and YSL so clearly have in each other is wonderful.

  2. The only swinger club I have ever visited (and it was in the interests of furthering my education as a sexologist, not as an active participant!) was in Copenhagen and there were bowls full of condoms free for all to use in all areas of the club. 100% condom use for all except couples was one of the absolute club rules. I'm surprised this isn't universal.

  3. Well done for airing this.

    Another point I would also make is that STD's can be passed orally as well, gnorrhea of the throat is on the increase and can be passed on by unprotected oral sex. Something that people often do not think about.....

    Also there is no harm in having regular sexual health checks even with protected sex, as there is always the slight chance, especially if having a number of different and unknown partners, that accidents can happen - better safe than sorry..

    Brilliant post and I am so pleased that you have put this out there.

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. What a great post! People seem to have short memories. Unless they are constantly told about WHY they should practice safe sex, especially in the "swing" world, they tend to forget. Safety is #1 in importance and I also cannot understand people that don't practice safe sex.

    Very well written, Yummy. Good on you!

  5. You are so so right. Mrs. AP and I won't allow any kind of PIV or PIA sex without a condom, and we have to build a trust level before she'll even consider oral. Granted, when I was younger and naive I played semi-dangerously a few times by taking people at their word, but goodness, no more. Condom before copulation, always.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP