Monday, 31 January 2011

Last year, for Valentines, I bought my (fairly vanilla) wife a Tshirt and a pair of knickers. The Tshirt said "My husband adores me" and the knickers said "Start at my spiky heels, and kiss your way up" What slogans would make you feel good about yourself

Enter at owners risk!

Proceed with caution

Men at work

Handle with care

On a serious note... Erm... Nope don't have a serious note

Danger Loose man hole cover??

Ask me anything


  1. Nice ones!

    The best I have seen were a biker chick with a t-shirt that read 'Tatooed in the places you love to lick' and one half of an obviously lesbian couple with a t-shirt that read 'Yes we are...and no, you can't watch.'

  2. My T-shirt would say:

    Shut up! I wear heels bigger than your dick!