Saturday, 22 January 2011

Happy blogging anniversary

I started bloggng a year ago, I needed a friend to talk to that wouldnt judge just listen and be there if i needed them, the blog provided this and so much more.

Its funny looking back, the initial few months there are no pictures other than the off HNT which by my current standards are very very tame. Although the content of what I got up to was far far more graphic and kinky. But I suppose that reflects 2 relationships I had that were very intense and allowed such sexual exploration.

Looks like the blog will hot 70,000 visitors this month which is amazing! Im blown away with how many people come and visit. My first visitors and people to comment where:

All of which I remain friends with and Im excited to say Im meeting outsidevanilla in a few weeks. Im really looking forward to meeting him and his family, Im sure the evening will be full of laughter and tequilla!

Here is my first ever post


Been 7 weeks since I've seen him and I'm so excited I get 5 days with him.

The last time we locked ourselves away for 4 days, with only brief interuptions for work and more wine. Was hard parting as we knew it was going to be nearly 2 months until we got to see each other again, our longest ever. Add Christmas into the mix and its been hell.

Just got delivery of new underwear, Goks new leopard print set, should be a sexy treat. Just hoping the stockings i ordered are long enough!

Things have got so heated sexually the past few days on phone and msn, we are so aroused, I can only visualise the wild and passionate sex that will happen on Sunday. Ive decided to stay in bed to greet him instead of collecting from airport. I might even have an afternoon nap and let him wake me mmmm I love to be woken by him penetrating me and lets face it it might be the last sleep I have for days!

For those that stop and say hello I thank you so much, I love it when you comment and adore it when you share kind words.


  1. Congratulations on your first blogaversary. Hope we see many more! I am slowly working my way through the backlog from the first post to the present day, when timer permits!

  2. Happy anniversary you very sexy woman. Besides being someone I often fantasize about you are also one of the nicest people in the blogosphere.

  3. Happy Anniversary. Have only recently found you but have already read through a lot of your blog and I love it!

  4. Happy blogiversary! I've enjoyed your exploits and look forward to more to cum :-)

  5. Happy Blogiversary. You are one of my favorite reads. I am glad I found you, you are incredibly sexy and brains to boot.