Thursday, 13 January 2011

HNT - blast from the past!

------Click to enjoy the full picture----

M got back in touch this week, he is the man that unlocked my naughtiness

This is an email i sent him, we did it most of it the following day.

Naughty thought... You hear me knock on the door, you open door to see I did as requested, I'm blindfolded, cuffed and wearing underwear, stockings and heels with a coat over my shoulders only, you remove the coat and I'm stood outside trembling with anticipation you take hold of the nipple chain you saw hanging over basque and pull me in the house. You push me forward over sofa to check I'm wearing the clit clamp, butt plug and if I'm freshly shaved. I'm not shaved, you change the cuffs so my hands are behind my back and spank me because I'm not ready for you. You then move me so I'm knelt on the floor over the sofa and shave me. You keep gently touching my clit teasing me making me so wet. I'm begging for your cock but you won't let me have it until I'm totally ready for you.
When I'm shaved and smooth I feel your tongue glide over my clit round to my ass penetrating both holes deep, I'm soaked and urging you to fuck me. Still you won't instead to tell me to kneel up and you sit infront of me and the push me head down onto your cock making me take the full length in, I hungrily suck you till you think I deserve to feel your cock within me, you go back behind me and rub the tip on my clit I beg you to fill me the head of your cock is pushing now against my soaked lips but still not enough, I need more, suddenly you push yourself hard and deep into me pull the nipple chain as you do. It takes my breath away as you remain deep inside me. I then feel the cold of an ice cube against my ass just as that shocks me the wax hits my bum and back, you feel my excitement and shock as my pussy tightens around your cock.

Happy HNT sexy peeps go see who else played at Osbasso's place.



  1. Oh that sounds so sexy and a great way to start!!!!


  2. Mmmmm... very very hot indeed. I need to go and cool down..

    LGS xx

  3. Excellent boobage, I like the angle


  4. Hot picture! Unfortunately the click-through isn't working for me so I'm just having to use my imagination ;-)

  5. I can only imagine what the click-thru should have been, that's a hot story!

    Happy (late) HNT

  6. So ....

    Yes this is `M' and I've only seen this blog since the filthy naughty woman writing it sent me the link after I contacted her the other day.

    Reading that back has given me so many flash backs to that night and some of the many others we shared together.

    Good times!

  7. How the hell did you make it to the door whilst blindfolded and handcuffed..? AND actually managed to knock on the door? Deeply impressed here.