Tuesday, 25 January 2011

TMI random sexual facts, what made me cum so much last night

What made me cum last night

1) kissing and gently touching on the sofa while the farmer whispered tenderness and utter filth to me
2) spooning and being held so tightly while the farmer held my clit so firmly
3) being pinned down and fuck hard in both holds
4) being fisted so hard and deep until I was crying
5) being pinned down, the farmers hand over my mouth and nose making me gasp for air as he spanked my pussy and clit hard

I had to beg to cum, he kept teasing me and calling me greedy fir wanting to cum do badly. He told me no and spank my pussy harder and rubbed me do hard on my sensitive clit, he pulled at my nipples until I could hold back no more and just came.

He held me all night and fucked me even harder this morning before fucking my throat and shooting his cum straight down it.


  1. tough and tender...good for you!

  2. Holding a hand over nose and mouth always gets H. wet in no time!

  3. The words and whispers are so seductive there would be no way to not cum to that.


  4. Very intense, lots of contact, lots of cumming!