Tuesday, 28 December 2010

TMI - random sexual facts about me, Xmas Special

Top 5 sexual things or sex toys you would like to find in your stocking Xmas day.

1. Tickets to fly to America, with stay overs in so many cities! I might have to work in NY, Pensylvania and Washington next year and if so I think we are going to have to organise a little party! The picture is so what I want to do with a ceratin male blogger I have a crush on.

2. I so need a new dildo! my poor thing is worn out. I dont suppose they are designed to get as much abuse. Mine now works intimitantly... its such a tease! you can gaurentee just as im about to cum it switches off!

3. I need a new bullet... same fault as above ;( its not good! i havent cum for about a week. Ive been too busy with the children. I did reach for the bullet last night when I was in bed but the battery was too low and I was too tired to get up and sort it out.

4. I so want a hitchi wand! I would adore to be tied up and be teased and forced to keep cumming.

5. Shibari rope. (equiped with a tall sexy man that knows how to use it)

Bonus question is tell us a Xmas morning fantasy that includes some or all of your new toys.

I wake up in my Hotel room in NY, I hear the shower running and go to explore. I find Hedone and PY getting soaped up in the big walkin shower. Before I can say anything they drag me in and PY silences me with a kiss while Hedone moved behind me and kisses my neck and whispers wait till you see what else youve got for Christmas.

We all fall on the bed still wet from the shower and PY blindfolds me. within moment s I feel someone licking me and another mouth upon my breast. I hear the door creak and whispers, the faint smell of after shave.

Firm hands fall upon me and he moves in and kisses me firmly

PY whispers to me Merry Xmas as she straddled my face and grindes herself upon me until she cums. Hedone switches with her as he pushes my legs apart ready to enter me.

(feel free to end this... it depends on whoch of you bloggers I think of as to what you do to me, Ive got 5 different versions... post yours in comments and lets see if we are thinking the same)

Post if you played please xxxx
go see my friends that normally play x



  1. Your fantasy is so scorching! You are yummy!

    4. Come to DC, I can make it happen for you.

    5. I know a few really good rope/rope & suspension artists, none of them tall. I'm taller than both and I stand at 5 feet six and one-quarter inches.


    Word verification: rearpin...LOL LOL

  2. I suspect that if you let that certain male blogger crush know that he'd be happy to comply!

    Wonderful fantasy too, I'd be happy just to watch, never mind join in!

  3. May your fantasy become a reality. ;-)