Friday, 17 December 2010

Almost a disaster

Picture is of S all dressed sexy for me

Was meeting up HR at 6 at the apartment suite, so naughty fun then meeting a couple and a female friend of mine for some thoroughly filthy fun.

I was running behind and left my house dress and packed for the night, as I arrived and asked what room number his text arrived... he was still at work, things had gone tits up and the night was off. I was devastated, Id been looking forward to it all week, bought new underwear, shaved every required inch of me even done a damn good douching so we could explore a few anal games we had talked about. All wasted.

I cancelled the couple and decided to meet S (female friend, its the female from the couple I sometimes meet)for drinks anyway. She had to go out and I couldn't go home or it would look strange. HR said we could go to the apartment and use it, to be honest though I was so flat at this point I just wanted to go home and put on my PJ's, wallow in self pity for a bit perhaps.

I hate letting people down so thought Id make the most of S's company. From talking with HR I thought he had to go out to work and wouldnt be hanging around, when I arrived he was stress, angry with work. We sipped a glass of wine as he talked.

S arrived and after a few moments of small talk HR went to the bathroom, I whispered to S that I think we need to spoil HR and relax him. She was game.

I stripped and was down to undies as HR walked in. S joined me on the bed, in her stockings and suspenders and a wet freshly shaven pussy.

We kissed and teased each other, HR watched from the chair, he seemed pleased, I smiled and beckoned him over with my eyes. He kissed me and then I returned to rubbing S's clit and sucking her delicious nipples. HR moved round so he could see S rubbing my clit, and sucking my breasts. He began fingering her as I started to cum. HR then rubbed and fingered both of our cunts as we lay side by side kissing.

I knelt on the floor and began lapping at S's pussy. She was soaking and her juices covered me face. HR slipped his hard cock inside me and began pounding me. my face was being rammed deep into her cunt with each thrust. I pushed 2 fingers inside her and I could tell she was close to cuming, I couldn't concentrate on her clit as I was getting close also so i grabbed my bullet and pressed it firmly against her clit while my fingers fucked her. As she started to cum and my fingers were soak I to started to cum. I was cumming all over HR's cock and it felt so good.

We all played on the bed for a while I suggested to S that she sucked HR while I rimmed him, it wasn't the most ideal of positions but from the noises HR made I think we pleased him, it was a first for him being rimmed and I think I can confiently that it wont be the last.

I encouraged HR to fuck S. She was lay on her back as he slid inside her. I gently rubbed her clit as they fucked then moved around to finger her ass. It felt amazing as I could feel his cock sliding in and out as I pushed deep.

We changed positions and I lay on my back, S on all fours over me so I could lick her while HR fucked her good and hard from behind. S was fingering me an rubbing my clit as I watched his cock and her cunt collide.

He tells me to bend over and tells S to get a toy to fuck my ass while he fucks my cunt. WOW it felt amazing, his cock so hard in side me and the toy so deep and filling me. I came several times in quick succession and was left trembling.

It looked like he was getting close to cumming and he know no one else gets his cum, its mine, I'm his greedy cum slut. I love being his greedy cum slut.

I administer, rather well, oral sex, S holds his cock as my mouth slides up and down slowly and deliberately on his shaft, teasing him at times. I ask S to wank his cock so he cums over my face.

He shoots his load in my mouth and over my face in several powerful jets. It was so fucking sexy.

S left and we enjoyed some nibbles Id brought and some wine. Laughed, talked and touched. When we kissed it was like sparks inside my groin, he so knows how to kiss me. We decided spooning was in order and he promptly had his hard cock ball deep inside me, holding my breast as we took turns from him fucking me to me riding his cock.

He slipped his cock into my ass and the bullet went on my clit. It felt divine.

We lay talking after as I stroked and caressed his back telling him 3 of my fantasies, things I hadnt done that I wanted to explore. He seemed non shocked and interested in them.

Throughout the night we slept for literally moments then returned to fucking, sucking and playing, at 3 am though we had the most wonderful session, he was deep inside me, bullet on clit as he retold one of my fantasies back to me, telling me how it will happen... fuck me it was so hot! it ending in him cuming over my face and in my mouth again while I pressed against his prostate gland.

We fell back asleep and he was meant to be up at 4am to get his flight to Houston but alas we slept through it. I woke at 5am and after a few moments panic, a rebooking of the next flight he came back to bed and fucked me again.

I fell asleep with the bullet against my clit, the battery was low but enough to arouse me, I woke as I came.

So if your in Houston and you see an exhausted English man he's mine!


  1. She sure did look good. Seems like your night was full of orgasms....


  2. I think I lost count of how many times someone came or fucked or sucked or touched, but that's the best way.

    I love the idea of waking up, fucking, then going back to sleep for a short time only to return again.

    I want to feel my prostate gland pushed against by your finger while I cum!!!

    Sooooo hot!!!!

    Your blog is the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. Wow! Wonderful stories. I love what you have going on here :)

  4. I like the first photo.


  5. Knowing you and S I can imagine the fun and hope we can get to repeat our time again x

  6. Just catching up with this one . . . one of my favourites is the position you described, the women in a 69 with one licking and sucking the man's cock as he fucks the other. But I like everything else you did just as much.

    Now I need to find out how HR departed your scene and YSL entered it. More reading!