Friday, 3 December 2010

Birthday treat part one

Introduction to the day...

I arrived at 8:30, the weather is manic, severe snow which is unusual for this early in winter do I do battle to get to the apartment. I arrive and to my delight the therapists woman has made a cake and a card awaits me. We enjoy such a civilised conversation recounting my weekends joy with the children. The therapist threads my to the bedroom and shows me the toys, whips, clamps and ropes that await me.

I undress down to a leopard print and black basque and hand over my stockings for them to put on me. The therapist attaches the left stocking and she attaches the right. The slow fiddling and touching in doing do turns me on.

I lie on the bed as directed and she ties me tight. The therapist then before me binds her breasts so tightly and makes her moan.

The blindfold goes on me and earplugs inserted, I have to trust him from now on.

My breasts are exposed and I feel hands trail over me and explore me. I try to sense who it is I think they have swapped sides. Her hands whilst firm upon me are more hesitant than his.

Her bound breasts are thrust into my mouth and I feel fingers part my pussy lips, I'm about to be given my first orgasm.


  1. Earplugs as well! Sensory deprivation is such a turn on!! It sounds as if you were well and truly taken care of, you lucky thing.

  2. That is starting out to be a fantastic day of orgasms. I am eager to hear what else they did to you. I can feel a gifted orgasm cumming on.


  3. Leave me hanging for more? Damn!

  4. "Her bound breasts are thrust into my mouth and I feel fingers part my pussy lips..."

    I'll have some of that ;-)