Wednesday, 8 December 2010

my birthday - being fucked by a woman

Blindfolded and tied up still, totally helpless and at there mercy; I felt a mouth clamp around my nipple then an unusual sensation, it feels like he is pinching my nipple but both hands were tending to my legs and ankles.
Her trails slowly between my legs and then the soft parting of my lips and a firm toy plunged into me. it feels heavenly as it slowly vibrates.

He must of moved behind her and started fucking her, I felt her rhythmically brush against me, her breast were swinging and grazing my thighs. Then harder, he grabs my ankles as he slams into her. She pushes the toy in deeper making me cum.

They both step away and the absence of touch pains my skin and sends my hyper sensitive, my legs are untied and pushed upwards. I'm to open myself.

It felt amazing as she slipped inside me. She started slowly then fucked me hard as the therapist abused my nipples pushing over into another orgasm.the cold hard cock that jutted out from her was buried so deeps inside me it felt so good.

He fisted me and then flogged, spanked and paddled me. He handed her the flogger and they took turns striking me making me squeal. He stung my pussy lips with every strike, it was driving me wild and near my limit. he kept me on the edge then pushed me at the same time as making me cum so hard.

Afterwards we all landed on the bed togther I spooned her, he spooned me. it was so soothing being sandwiched between them.

Last few pictures for my HNT n thursday and a special one on friday x


  1. Oh the last picture makes my mouth water. I could have had a feast and you two look so damn good.
    Happy birthday to you......why did this not happen to me????!!!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing your hedonistic birthday.