Tuesday, 9 October 2012

TMI - totally random

Hey, hey, hey, hey…Time to get random again on TMI Tuesday. Why? Because it is fun to know random stuff about you; it can reveal a lot about your personality.

 1. Tell us about your sluttiest act ever.
For me feeling slutty is connected to doing stuff in public otherwise it's just a kinky preference. This might have to be the most public I've had sex and it was very very slutty! And this is probably the sluttiest I've ever felt

 2. Have you ever played air-guitar. . .naked?

 Not an air guitar kind of girl, more likely to play with myself naked

 3. To what song do you most like to play air-guitar either clothed or naked?

 This was the song I listened to last time I was masturbating and thinking of YSL

 4. Are you good in bed? Why?

 No I'm utterly awful in bed, I lack enthusiasm and imagination

 (erm if you are new to this blog please note the above line is a lie and I'm likely to be one of the most open minded and enthusiastic lady you come across)

I do think it's all about connection with the other person/people. It doesn't matter ho good someone is if they just don't get what their partner needs or wants. That's what makes sex with YSL so utterly wonderful, he totally gets me, he understands what I need, reads my mood and reflects that in our intimacy. So if anyone should decide if I'm good in bed I think it's YSL :)

 5. What FEELS Sexy to you–tactile sensation? (Leave sight and taste out of this)
For me it's YSL's chest hair pressing against my breast, yesterday that first moment he pulled me close as we lay naked in bed took my breath away.

Bonus: Write a six word autobiography.
Born, grew, married,children, discovered myself

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  1. Great answer to #2! My thoughts exactly!

    The first part of your answer to #4 made us laugh uproariously. The final paragraph sums up our feelings as well.


  2. Your answer to number five gave me a happy little goofy romantic sigh/smile