Tuesday, 30 October 2012

TMI - long and short of it

Thank you Erotic Adventures in Brisneyland for the following TMI Tuesday questions.

The LONG and the SHORT of it

1. What is the longest relationship you have been in? Aside my marriage, my relationship with YSL has been my longest standing. We have been together 18months and we are still enjoying every moment together. I'm missing him like crazy this week (I'm on holiday with the family) and not likely to see him for another 2 weeks.

2. What is the shortest relationship you have been in?

I'm assuming we are talking full relationship, not met for drink because I think 10 minutes would be that answer. As a relationship is say 2 weeks, after 10 days he said he loved me and after another 2 days he said I was too sexually demanding it made him feel he wasn't man enough.

3. How often do you have sex? Depends how often i see YSL. IF we are together sex is a daily occurrence and we don't just do quickies.

How often do you want sex? Pretty much always, I'm fit to explode at the moment, it's been over a week since I last got to orgasm and it looks likely it will be the 12th of November when I will next be in YSL's arms. I might have to pay a visit to my Hitachi when I get home to pacify my arousal.

4. How long does sex usually last?
The first time me and YSL had sex it lasted 6hours, the second time 18 hours. I was so pleased to meet someone with the same hunger for passion and intimacy. I've never been a fan of a quickie and whilst sometime that's all time allows in the main our sex is counted in hours and on 2 hands.

5. Have you ever had an experience where someone couldn’t perform, finished too quickly or couldn’t keep up with you? Tell us about it?

Oops kind of answer one of them already. On the cant perform I've experienced that a few times while swinging. Often the single guys when its their first time over think it and fail to get stiff in the group scenario. Also we have met couple where the guy is extremely well endowed and at best they have been at the 'pushing rope' stage and certainly not able to get a condom on, that said sexual performance isn't all about having a hard cock or the size of it. For me penetration forms such a small part of my sexual pleasure.

6. If you could only have one “type” of sexual encounter for the rest of your life, would you prefer

a) short and sweet

b) wham bam thank you ma’am

c) here for the long haul

d) slow and tender

I'm going to go with slow and tender but I might want a little spank thrown in.

Bonus: Would you consider ending an otherwise healthy and loving relationship if the sex wasn’t what you wanted?

Clearly not since I'm still married! That said I don't think I would tolerate it in a new relationship.



  1. All I can say is thank goodness for toys, it'll be 5.5 months by the time Sir and I get together again!
    Your answers pretty much mirrored mine :)

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. I got you and Yummy beat by a mile...last time I was intimate was 4/20/11...all i do is masturbate! and not even penetration, cause I am saving it for for the "one"! *sighs*

  2. Yummy, as always, love your TMI and answers!!

    I was in dreamland with answer #4!!