Tuesday, 2 October 2012

TMI - you wear it well

Thank you Gemma Jones for this week’s TMI Tuesday theme and questions focused on clothing.

 1. What is your most favourite thing to wear that you have in your closet at the moment?

 As the weather is getting colder my wardrobe is middle of transition from summer dresses to winter dresses worn with tights, stockings or leggings. Favourite is probably my black wrap dress, I'm wearing it tonight, I love the long fitted sleeves on it with the military buttons on the cuffs. I love wrap dresses, as a BBW I always think they are more flattering and show off my boobs!

 2. What is the one item of clothing that you have seen on one of your friends / workmates that you would steal for yourself if you had the chance?

 A good friend of mine has a lush black pinifor dress she wears with a white shirt under, I wish I had the figure for it as she always looks hot in it.

 3. What is the one thing that your partner wears that never fails to turn you on. Why does it turn you on so much?

 I love YSL in his pinstripe suit, there is just something so masculine and dominating.

 4. What is the one thing you wear when you want to attract the attention of your partner or others? I would probably got for something with a bit of cleavage showing and some stockings that are looking naughty. 5. When you want to feel sexy what do you wear and why?
I have a black off the should dress I like to wear of we are going to a club and I want to feel good about myself. YSL always seems pleased to see me in it so it gives me the confidence that I look good. There is a funny story about that dress though here.
6. If you had unlimited funds but could only shop for one type of clothing (shoes, lingerie, fetish etc) what would it be?
Shoes!!! Just bought a pair this morning, I will take a pic of the later today.

Bonus: Tell us about your favourite scenario, real or fantasy, that involves some kind of clothing or fetish wear.
So many to chose from, I shall share one about panties that I Was thinking about whilst masturbating recently...

I'm fully dressed, blindfolded and tied up with my hands above my head and my ankles bound together.
YSL slowly lifts my dress and I know he is staring at my panties which I can feel getting wetter by the second. He gentle holds my cunt through the fabric making me gasp and want more before paying attention to every inch of my body except my cunt. He eventual starts to peel my panties down exposing a little more of me. He is whispering in my ear that he is about to expose what is his.

My panties are level with my cunt but my shaved pubis is visible and he is kissing and lapping up escaping juice making me ache for more. He climbs on top of me and slips his cock in my slit, his cock is grazing my clit and hole but the panties stop him from being able to enter me.
I beg for him to fuck me but instead he rolls me over and exposes my bottom and crops it until im begging for him to stop. I can feel that he is masturbating and all of a sudden he stuffs his cock in my arse and fills me with his cum before pulling my panties back up.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. 1. I adore wrap dresses as well. I have one from Boden USA that is a face.

    3. Umm. I think it is his cock…that looks pretty masculine and dominating.

    4. I love you in stockings.

    6. Really? None of us could have figured that as your answer ;p

    Bonus: Heart-stopping, knee-weakening HOT fantasy.


  2. Nummy pic on number three. And your bonus? uh, excuse me for a bit.... ;)

  3. Jill loves me in pinstripes as well. I do my best to indulge this preference of hers whenever possible.

    We love the way you look in stockings. The picture you included in your answer to #4 got our respective motors running.

    Great bonus answer. Very erotic!

  4. I want to view the link about the dress but it says I don't have permission:(