Monday, 6 February 2012

Totally his - Sensory deprivation

The morning had been spent with clients but as soon as the meeting finished I was on my way to YSL towers.

Both of us had a little work to finish off but as soon as I'd finished mine I headed upstairs to freshen up and wait for YSL's attention. He joins me and comments on the welcoming site of my naked back and bottom as he walks in the room.

We curl up together and hold each other tightly, the weekend has been testing for me but I can feel the stress ebb away as he pulls me in close. He kisses me so deeply, I feel my entire body surrender to him and my cunt set alight.

He takes his time caressing my every inch and making me ache so much for him, more than sexually, it's the depth of connection I'm so hungry for. Moving slowly he retreats under the covers and buries his head between my thighs and starts to devour my entire being. There is nothing comparable to the feeling of his mouth around my clit, the pleasure it gives me is indescribable and beyond physical. He is so passionate as he gifts me this pleasure, I know I'm not being selfish as he enjoyment is visible and measurable in inches. I cum all over him and he rubs his face deep in my juices before taking my swollen clit back in his mouth and torturing me so sweetly and making me cum again.

YSL rises from the covers his face dripping with my juices and slams his hardness into me, pausing a moment before making love to me so perfectly. He takes hold of my ankles and pulls my legs apart before slowly fucking me with his entire length, pulling out to the tip then pushing in deep. I'm close to cumming and he tells me to cum on him, enticing my climax out of me as my cunt takes hold of his cock as it spasms and coats him in my cum.

"Roll over onto your side" he says, I know how he wants me, it's one of my favourite positions from our time in Cap D'Agde, it always makes me think of us on the beach. The angle of penetration always pleasures me and has me cumming hard. He slowly pounds me and I'm close to cumming and he stops, "you can cum when I do" I know he is close to climax but I can't stop myself, I start to climax and I can't feel his cock stiffen and he tells me he is going to fill my cunt with cum, I feel it, it feels like more than ever as I watch his face as the pleasure washes over him.

After lunch and lazily enjoying each other he excitedly hops out the bed. The boxes of toys come out and he starts rummaging. I sense he is looking for the blindfold and I'm right. The restraints and a few other toys end up strewn on the bed I think I know what's about to come. He suggests I get a drink and use the bathroom as I'm not going to be able to have either for a while.

I return from the bathroom and surrender my wrists for him to attach the leather restraints. He attaches the chain to the ceiling hook and then tightens the tether so my arms are stretched towards the ceiling and my body is his to do what he wishes. The blind fold is tied tight and his top of the line Bose noise cancelling earphones put on, playing and I can't hear anything beyond. The sexual exhilaration was more than I even imagined I’m instantly breathless and my body is on full alert.

The details are hard to remember as the intensity of the experience was so great and I can only guess at what some of the things he did to me. His breath against me was the first sensation, his mouth gently kissing me and sucking my hard nipples. The absence of his touch was the strongest feeling, my skin was yearning so much for him to take hold of me.

PArt 2 coming soon Ysl is going to be contirbuting to the detail later this week but hopefully this will wet your apetite

 posted a picture yesterday from this session HERE.

If you follow this link you can hear me, I never new he was recording me. Im tied up and blindfolded, earphones on so I cant hear. Every thing is magnified and Im so aroused by it, then the flogger hits.

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  1. so damn hot , i got an erection just listening to it xxx