Friday, 17 February 2012

Just seen yr blog for first time and can not understand why you would post such vile stuff and repulsive pictures, you ain't attractive, it's more like a freak show than a arousing blog. Why do you do it?

Ahem...can my appreciative, respectful and true readers please reply .....

Ask me anything


  1. Just seen your mean comment and I can not understand why you would post such a vile and repulsive comment. If you don't like it why would you bother looking at more then 1 picture? You could easily just click away but noooo somehow your mind is intrigued. Admit it, you secretly like it and love it. Why do you do comment?

  2. While its not nice I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion. And given that it is on a public site you can't really expect everyone to love it!

    I actually wouldn't have given him/her the time of day let alone space on your blog!

  3. Apparently, you looked a quite a few pictures and read much of Yummy's postings. If you found her blog vile and repulsive, why didn't you just leave it? You have that ability, click off and never come back. Freedom is wonderful! Yummy can post whatever she wants and you DON'T HAVE TO READ/SEE IT!

    Your question is rude. If you don't see the beauty of a woman open to all sexual pleasures and what life has to offer or the beautiful, confident, sexy, intelligent woman behind the writings and pictures then you should FUCK OFF!

  4. Why bother commenting. you obviously liked something, as you've had a look through her blog. As they say 'if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all'.

    You've read through, when you could have easily clicked that x in the top right hand corner ;)

    TBH it sounds like 1) either you're jealous or 2) your ratts yourself

    Jog on :p

  5. Personally, I don't come here to look at the nude pictures. I come here to read the abundance of sexual literature on this blog...

  6. I would address this person's question, but I don't usually acknowledge people who abbreviate "your" as "yr". Come on, it's only two letters. How much time did you really save by cutting the word in half? I would also like to point out that your first sentence contains too many independent clauses and is what is known as a run-on sentence. Such butchery of the English language demonstrates your ignorance.

    Okay, I take it back: I'll address the question. None of us are fooled by your indignation. It's clear that you enjoyed what you found here; anyone who stumbled upon Yummy's blog and didn't find it appealing would simply let it go and not bother leaving a comment. But the virulence (look it up) of your words makes it clear that you came here looking to have a wank, and then when you were done, you felt ashamed.

    That said, I'm not sure we would have bothered giving this person a forum.


  7. If you don't like Yummy or what she posts, don't look! You're the only one who will miss out.

  8. Thank you kind commenter for helping Yummy towards 500,000 page views (and world domination ;))
    I personally dislike the pictures I see daily in the media of stick thin photoshopped ladies and appreciate the fact Yummy is real and IMHO sexy as hell and I equally enjoy the stories she has to share, and get off on them.
    Many thanks for your opinion and may you take it and your attitude and visit sites more to your taste, I hear Jeremy Kyle has a good one.
    Maddie xxx

  9. I'm not as bright and intelligent as some of the people that have commented on here, but I do understand the english from a different perspective let me tell the gentleman another way
    "here dickhead fuck off"

  10. What a shame that some people are so narrow-minded and rude. The fact that this person is commenting anonymously says it all really and they are best ignored for they do not deserve the attention.

    Yummy you are a wonderfuly gifted writer and I continue to follow your blog with interest and respect to your writing.

    We live in a free world and should be able to express ourselves in whatever way we choose to.

    ~Mia~ xx

  11. he ( i'm assuming ) might not get off on your blog , but i think he got his jollies off , none the less

  12. Anonymous : if you are referring to the comment from me I can assure you that I am all woman - lol - such presumtiveness!!!

    Some of us women do enjoy our sexuality and like speak about our sexuality and have the right to do so should we choose to!

    We do not need, however, to take the low road and throw personal abuse just because we do not agree with what we read as you appear to feel the need to.

    You are entitled to your opinion, but you should consider how your abusive comments have made you appear to others.


  13. for someone to take the time to write a question of why you post what you post, which by the way I sooo love, is because they took the time to lurk through your blog :)
    You are sexy
    You are hot
    I love everything you post
    and maybe, just maybe the person who wrote that is just jealous cause you are doing what you like, what you love and enjoy, you have confidence and self love and you go for yours!!
    you go girl!!
    We love you Yummy!!!! and thank you for making it interesting each day!!

    Sincerely Yours

  14. I have to agree with the overwhelming comments in support... you dont have to read (and enjoy!) this blog so why judge others?....easily summed up as " off you fuck...."
    Keep blogging and having a ball x

  15. If you're so disgusted by Yummy, why are you even bothering to send her a message? And also, if Yummy is vile, well call me Ms Vile for shamelessly perving all over her gorgeous ass.

    x Jilly

  16. Wonderful support for Yummy in the comments. Hey, guess what, I support Yummy too and find her very attractive and arousing. I know why she does it, why she started it and why she continues it and I am proud to be part of her postings and pictures.

    **Sigh** If only other web pages existed our man wouldn’t be forced to look at this blog and express his unhappiness. Just imagine an internet that had various genres of erotica such as Teens, BDSM, MILFs, Gonzo, All girl, Mature, Shemale, Trans, Voyeur, Amateur, Real Amateurs, Interracial, Softcore, Hardcore, Anal, MMF, MFMF, MMM, FFF, Cross-Gen, Latina, Asian, Hentai, Bi, Vintage, Black, Hairy, Orgy, Goth, Alternative, Lactation, Pregnant, Spanking, Strap-on, Squirting, Lolicon, Puffys, BBC, BBW, Emetophilia, Bukkake, Creampies, Felching, Fisting, POV, Medical, Twink, Yaoi, Yuri, Upskirt, Downblouse, DP.................Perhaps one day this stuff will be out there on the net, until then we will all have to dream, close our eyes really hard and cross our fingers.

    Just goes to show that you don’t have to have done very well at school or have reached a certain threshold of mental health or ability to be able to access the internet.

  17. i have had the pleasure knowing yummy both with and without clothes and have appeared in some of those photos i therefore take offence at anonymous's comments as her friend and as a personal affront. She is a divine lady and whoever anonymous is they should quite simply keep their ill founded opinion to themselves