Sunday, 26 June 2011

The next night

Night 2 was so much more than I ever expected.

It was so nice just chilling after work with a coffee with him, it had been a good day and whilst tired I felt so chilled and happy to be there with him.

We prepare some food and take our conversation into the lounge and relax while giggling at some erotic but badly scripted porn. We were wanting a bath together but kept being distracted by each other. I take my dress off and he tells me to lie face down at the edge of the bed.

He strokes his hand across my bottom and briefly spanks me, I hadn't expected it but it was a welcome surprise.

He moves my panties and licks from my cunt to ass.

I hear him strip and he moves between my legs and pushes into my cunt. His cock feels so hard and swollen, I think my cunt must of been feeling sensitive from the previous nights pleasure as I could feel every contour as he pounded into me.

He pushes into my arse slowly until he is fully inside. He unpins my hair and takes a handful and pulls as he fucks me so hard and beautifully. He alternates holes until I cum hard. I can feel my juices escape.

We move to the bathroom and he tells me to stand against the wall, masturbate myself while he fucks me. Just the creativity and direction alone were arousing but the actual fucking was outstanding. It doesn't take long, my clit is so hard, my hand soaked as I cum on his cock.

We move back to the bed and he holds me while he wanks himself. He moves to straddle me and he wanks close to my face allowing me to lick my juices off his shaft.

He squat above me and I lick his balls as he wanks, I take hold of his cock, he stands above me, hands pressed against the wall, I milk his cock down towards me, holding his balls and anticipating being covered any moment. He shoots out loads of hot cum, it covers my tummy, chest and some made it to my face, it was in reach of my tongue so I enjoyed and savoured the taste as we kissed and held each other again.

The bath was heavenly, music playing, wine, my lover holding such an adoring gaze. We talked, or I should say I talked, he listened, he had been concerned about me as I was stressed the day before, I shared with him the details. I love that I'm finding him a friend as much as a lover.

We head to make margaritas, when we make it back to the bedroom he tells me he is going to do something very selfish, something for his pleasure only, if I enjoy it that will be great but it's not for me.

He disappears between my thighs and locks his lips around my swollen clit and pushes his fist inside me. I'm in heaven! I can't explain how amazing this act is, the feeling of being so full and stretched, him abusing my cunt, then the opposite end of the scale he is loving my clit, such whispering licks that I can feel building my orgasm, I feel so totally his.

I cum so much and so hard, when he reappears his face is soaked in my juices, I sprayed him as I came apparently.

We lie together talking about our trip away agreeing expectations and planning more of the details.

He is sat at the top of the bed. My head is on his thigh his other leg over my waist. We are pressed close and I'm adoring his cock. He tells me to use his cock to pleasure myself. I reach for the hitachi and return to where I was, using his cock to turn me on as I masturbate. I've never consciously done it before, just held his cock, tasted it, wanked it, purely for me, it surprised me how much it turned me on. I think it's why I came so much last week 69ing, I know I didn't give any ground breaking oral, or wank him in any special way but it made me cum, it also made me want his cum, I was pressing the hitachi hard against myself as he shot into my mouth making me cum again.

Cheeky drinks and more nibbles where in order, we ended up giggling at trashy tv together and then playing on the sofa together.

We return to the bedroom and fuck before falling asleep together. I sleep so well, the first thing I know is his arms around me, his hand cupping my sex, his kisses on my neck and back. He makes me cum, I'm soaked and aching for him inside me.

He pushes his hard cock inside me, telling me how he is going to send me out of here full of his cum again. He pulls my hair, pushes into my arse and fucks me hard until he spills into me. He sends me home satisfied, tender, smiling and full of hot cum.


  1. once again, a very hot, erotic tell from you... Loved it!!

  2. had me at "he licked me from cunt to ass"!