Friday, 3 June 2011

Day 2 of the 48hrs with lover

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Back at YSL's he is just in from work and we opt for a relaxing bath together. The time spent submerged in the water sets a wonderful slow and intimate pace for the evening. We sip cold drinks and chat over the pleasure of the previous night and events of the day. Retiring to the bedroom, I'm under the covers and smiling he suspects I might of slipped a bullet in but he's wrong, but his suspicion I'm up to something is correct. Id put my Ben wa balls in earlier, it was for vanity sake but I can't deny the pleasure, I just wanted to make sure I didn't make a wet patch on my dress, it would of been a unforgiving fabric.

He discovers them as he trails his fingers over my clit and dips them into my cunt juices. He rubs my clit until I'm cumming, he tells me to let go and cum, I follow his instruction, I instinctively close my thighs as I cum and try to pull away as I get so sensitive, he tells me to keep them open, I follow his instruction, it quickly sends me into another climax. I'm a quivering mess!

He moved in between my thighs and licks my clit as he fingers me with the Ben wa balls still inside making them jump about and rub against my gspot. I cum hard and he moves ready to push his cock inside me. As he starts to enter me I assume he has removed the balls and I just hadn't noticed when cumming but then as he pushed deeper and starts thrusting into me it is very apparent they are still deep inside me. It's not long before I soak his cock as I cum hard again.

He teases me with his cock tip rubbing it hard over my holes and clit and has the juices flowing everywhere, I'm drenched and cumming again. I turn on my side and he takes me from behind slowly at first, he has slipped a cock ring on and it's made him so rigid and swollen, the tip is pressed against my rose bud and I'm about to feel just how big he is as he stretches me for the first time this evening. He pushes the tip in, pauses, then he gives me all of it. Each thrust is so deep and the full length as he withdraws and pushes in. He has hold of my hair and tells be to cum. He starts to cum and I was close but the feeling of him jetting cum inside me and his words get me there and I follow his moans of pleasure with mine.

After a chilled bedroom picnic and much closeness we kiss and embrace, he teases me by withholding his kisses then passionately takes them from me. I want to give him pleasure, he gives me so much. I tell him to roll over I want his arse. I pull apart his cheeks and gently lick him, nuzzling and probing with my tongue. His moans and reactions reassure me I'm doing it right. He asks for me to spank him just as the thought goes through my mind. I gauge how hard he feels each smack, in between licks, bites and my tongue probing deeper, I spank him until both cheeks are red and tender. I can tell he is getting sensitive as his reactions increase despite the spanks being the same.

I decide my tongue and fingers aren't enough and take his prostate massager from the night stand. I lube the toy and push it against his hole.

He is tight and I have to push harder, he opens and takes the tip. I've never done this before so I take it slow, mindful not to hurt him. He pushes me out but I push back this time all the way. He groans and shudders as he takes it all for me. Whilst I'm giving him pleasure it is so arousing for me, the erotic sight of seeing him penetrated by the toy, taking it for me. Hearing just how aroused he is and seeing his body react at even the slightest touch I make.

I gently rub the end of the toy so it gently stirs inside him. As he relaxes he moves to being on all fours, ready for me to milk his cock and stimulate his prostate until he cums.

I wank him slowly at first pushing against the toy. I can tell by his feverish moans he is in such a state of arousal. I wank harder, he is so hard and breathless with pleasure. As he gets close to cumming I move my hand under his cock, I want to feel it jet from him. It hits my hand at some force, he is shaking and moaning as he cums harder than I've ever seen. I take him in my arms and hold him as he shudders with aftershocks of his orgasm.

I slowly remove the toy and hold him, we talk affectionately, I tell him foolishly of my building feelings for him and hold him until he falls asleep in my arms.

I didn't sleep much but enjoyed restfully watching him. Clearly exhausted from the night before and a busy day but he seemed so relaxed from cumming so hard.

It was about 5ish when our lips met again and an hour of sleepy sex, both holes being fucked and teased. Lay side by side I ride his cock. He tells me to use it for my pleasure, it's mine to use and abuse. I make myself cum twice before he puts on the cock ring and enters my arse firmly. He reaches round and takes hold if my clit in one hand and my hair in the other and fucks me, taking control and filling me completely he has me in a state and cumming, I can feel my juices escape over my thighs.

I feel him ready for cumming, he pushes so deep and a get filled with his cum, we remain connected and he holds me while we both recover and soak up the moment.

He makes me breakfast in bed and fresh coffee (yes I know I'm a lucky girl) we chat and sort diaries out. We plan to go away for a few days next month I can't wait for the luxury of time and being with him beyond the bedroom.

We have 10 or so minutes before we must get ready for the day, we embark on a session of mutual masturbation. My clit is so sensitive and swollen after the two nights of adoration and abuse, he touches her slowly and precisely, he holds my legs apart with his legs as I wank his cock firmly. He shoots his cum all over my tummy and pulls me in close as I'm also recovering from the delights of a climax. We are late but smiling.

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