Thursday, 16 June 2011

HNT - switch

I sent YSL instructions

Instructions for Wednesday

Let me know if any of this is not comfortable for you in any way.

Preparation to be complete for my arrival in the bedroom

Music on
Wine open and a glass poured each
Iced water in a glass
New anal toy with batteries in
Lube ready

I will arrive at 7pm exactly and you must be ready for me:

I want you sat on the bottom of the bed, naked, erect and wearing the blindfold.

Thank you to inky at tattooedkink for crafting these words that set the scene for my intentions.

Switch at 7
Music on, the wine is poured, I sit and wait for the woman I adore.

7pm, blindfold on, I assume the position waiting for my Domme.

In she walks, in heels so high, in anticipation I let out a sigh.

She spanks my arse, my body tenses, ready for my treat of senses.

Her oily fingers now probe and play, I hear a buzzing not far away.

Her hot breath against my ear, “Now this will hurt a little” I hear.

Up against my hole so tight, her vibrating toy is now my plight.

Inching in, spreading me wide, my Domme fucking her bitch, such pride!

Increasing speed, she shows such haste, my cock now swollen, I wish she would taste.

Close to cumming, my cock it strains, she stops her fucking, prolongs my pain.

“Now show me how you’d do your Miss”, taking off my mask, a switchy twist.

Arse already in the air, I spank her cheeks, I’ll take good care.

I spread her wide, expose her hole, imitating her abuse is my goal.

Fingers in, one, two, three, pain for her joy for me.

Grabbing the toy, pushing it in, I fuck her arse hard and start to grin.

Fucking her hole, slapping her arse, she screams, “Harder you fuck!” to my surprise.

Toy buried deep I work at her clit, her creaminess now flowing from her delicious slit.

I don’t want stop til she’s done, the sub in me wants my Mistress to cum.

Then at the last, I pull out the toy, cutting short her orgasmic joy.

Her lead I did take, the switch was complete, from sub now to Dom, oh what a feat.

“Well done my pet” she says with a bark, next time we go further, harder and dark

Till the next time…, TBC

Happy HNT sexy peeps x


  1. Thanks for the kind words, am glad I was able to help !

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  3. Love the pic ... so hot :) x

  4. Great idea... would love to know if this will happen again... :)

  5. A woman can one but admire / Who'll cater to this dark desire.