Friday, 3 June 2011

first of the 2 nights of sheer intimate delight with YSL

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Because we knew we had time on our side unhurried conversation and affection was on the agenda. Food treats and fresh bread unpacked we choose a bottle of wine and head to the bedroom with no agenda other than us in mind. I sit at the end of the bed and sipping wine as we chat. He moves over to kiss me and as he does he undresses. I’m still clothed, wearing a full length black goddess style dress.

His cock tip was covered in precum, he was rigid and now in my mouth. I hungrily taste him and take him in deep in my mouth. He tells me to lie down on the bed, face up. He lifts up my dress and teases me. He tells me to roll over, he exposes my bum and trails his hard cock over the panties. He moves around to sit before me, I’m still lay face down. He presents his cock, its covered in more precum and now with my scent and juices. I take it in my mouth and devour every inch. He Takes hold of my hair and encourages me and I lick, suck and tease his delicious cock. (god I wish it was inside me now).

He moves to behind me again and delivers a few spanks before lying upon me, his cock is so close to me, my panties preventing his access, he is teasing the life out of me. He suggests I take a sip of wine. I know this means we are about to be ‘busy’.

We enjoy a drink and savor a chocolate out of the box he got me as a gift. I’m to lie back down face up this time. I teases my pussy lips with his tongue, fingers and cock, I’m trying to urge my self forward in hope of more of a touch. I fail.

He adjust my panties so they are between my lips, just covering my clit and holes.

He rubs my clit through the soaked fabric making me moan with pleasure.
Finally the panties are removed and he adores my wetness that is upon them, he captures more wetness and teases me with the damp panties, then he decides to make them wetter. He stuffs the panties inside me and tells me I’m going to cum on them.

The sensations are new and unexpected, I fell full yet like there isn’t anything inside me due to how soft and flimsy the fabric is. His mouth them close around my already swollen clit and he goes to work on making the panties soaked. He slips a larger than average set of anal beads into me and I feel such a surge of arousal, he ups the stake and switches on a bullet vibrator and holds it on the end of the beads send sensations through me. By the time he finished forcing me to cum one more time and removed them like a magician doing a magic trick they were drenched and scented with pure arousal.

He moves between my legs and enters me. The beads are still inside and the vibrator is still heightening the sensations. His cock hard and my cunt aching for him it felt like heaven. He fucks me until he finds my gspot and then brings me to orgasm, I shudder as I cum on his cock, replenishing the wetness the panties had stolen.
He takes pleasure in slowly removing the anal beads, I had opted for the large bead in first which now in my post orgasm sensitive state was perhaps the wrong choice… or maybe it was the perfect choice??

He continues to lick my clit and tease me futher his fingers teasing my cunt, then without plan or warning he pushes the entirity into me. He starts to fist me vigourusly as he continues to suck on my clit. I can feel myself building to both a gspot and clit orgasm and they both crash upon me at the same time. It was one of the most amazing orgasms I have ever experienced. Tears pour from my eyes with the pure intense euphoria as I totally gave into it. He held me so close as I recovered, such an intimate moment shared.

We move to spoons position, and he coats his cock in my juices then enters my arse. He is a considerable size and each time he fucks my arse I have to take a moment to accommodate him, he moves slowly until I open and relax letting him fully inside, he pushes so deep. He moves from fucking my arse to making love slowly. Both of us clearly getting closer to climax. His cock throbs inside me and feeling him fill me with his warmth sets me off.

We take a break to enjoy food and conversation. Whilst we’ve spent a few nights together and talked lots we have yet to get to know each other beyond sexually and a few sketchy details on our private lives. This time together felt well spent as the more I get to know him the more fortunate I feel to have him as a lover.

I haven’t previously shared with him any details as I didn’t know if he wanted that or if it was just a sexual based relationship, only wanting the good stuff and I didn’t want to send him running, I'm too happy with what I have found, we talked so naturally and get to know each other more, I felt so at ease with him I share more about me. I feel closer to him, I feel he is becoming as much a friend as a lover which heightens the pleasure imeasurably for me.

We head back to the bedroom with a cheeky cocktail and while he is out the room Ive slipped the bullet between my lips. He joins me on the bed and I move his hand to discover my bullet. He moves behind me and holds me close, he tells me to take my pleasure, I do, I lie there in his arms enjoying the feeling of the bullet against my clit but its his words that make me cum. He tells me to hold his cock while I cum. I take a tight grip and let the euphoria of my climax wash over me. We then enjoyed administering a mutual masturbation session. He has me in a writhing wet mess, the bed soaked and my clit throbbing by the time he was ready to cum. I watch as he jets cum over me.

We enjoy making love and fucking until we fall asleep in each others arms, waking just the same. My first sensation was he mouth around my nipple, sucking and instantly turning me on. We embark on an hour of variety from slow and sleepy to hard and frantic fishing with him cumming hard and deep in my arse. We climb into the double bath together and continue our appreciation of each other, lovingly washing each other.

We part for work, but excited we are meeting again in only a matter of hours.

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  1. Good food, good wine and good conversation only make the sex even hotter. And waking up next to my lover, sliding my cock into her wetness as she moans herself awake, is one of the great pleasures of life.