Monday, 10 October 2016

TMI Tuesday - The Sexes?

The sexes?

1. What is femininity to you? Tell us in 50 words or less.
It is about celebrating my gender and the western societal norms that accompany it such as dress, shoes, hair, make-up and desirability from men. 

2. How does femininity come into play in your sexual relationship?
I love to dress for the occasion and to see and feel the desire that men have for me a well as it being more acceptable for fem/fem play in the swinging community.

3. What does masculinity mean to you? Tell us in 50 words or less?
It is about having confidence, thinking in a logical way and having the strength to be comfortable with non-orthodox ways of thinking.

4. Men, we often hear about women’s body image struggles–what are your body image issues?
YSL – I’m sure that we all wish that something was different about us and I think that it can fall in to two categories. Genetics, where there is nothing that we can do about it e.g. height, hair loss, etc and things that perhaps involve work or some form of fortitude, such as weight loss, becoming fitter, etc. I am fairly comfortable in myself and wouldn’t say that I have any body image issues however I am mindful of the benefits that would accrue if I went to the gym on a more regular basis.

5. Men’s gender role conflict is a psychological state in which restrictive definitions of masculinity limit men’s well-being and human potential. Do you now or have you ever suffered from Men’s gender role conflict? What are you doing to resolve this?
YSL - Ahhh yes, James O’Neil’s et al’s seminal work from 1986, General-Role Conflict Scale: College men’s fear of femininity published in the Sex Roles journal. Below is the schematic and definitions that Jimmy took to base his work upon

No never suffered from it so nothing to resolve. However, commenting upon the taxonomies, 
1. Restrictive emotionality – I’m reasonably stable emotionally and usually absorb things within feeling the need for expression
2. Homophobia – None at all
3. Control – I don’t feel the need to be in control, however I do express if I think things are going in the wrong direction or a wrong approach is being taken
4. Restricted sexual/affectionate behaviour – With consent and with those who invite it, I am not restricted at all
5. Obsession with achievement/success – Work means a lot to me as I find it fulfilling as well as a way of earning income, however I don’t undertake it for status or to demonstrate value
6. Health care problems – I don’t really have any, but as above, a bit more face time at the gym wouldn’t hurt

Bonus: Does gender have any real meaning anymore?
I believe it does, but as with most things, there has been change over the years, so not that long ago being female would stereotypically have been shorthand for looking for a husband then being a housekeeper. I believe that women are equal to men in skill and mental ability but perhaps not so much in physical ability.

Society works by rules and norms and I like the progression that we have seen in gender equality over recent times. Sexually I am fortunate enough to live in a time where the stud/slut argument is finally dying so I can enjoy and live out my sexuality without shame, remorse, guilt or worrying about what others may think of me.

It’s been a bit rambling this answer, but overall, I like the increasing equality and maintenance of the distinction between genders re appearance. 

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  1. damn, I was unaware of James O’Neil's work - do I have to redo my answer to #5 now?