Wednesday 11 April 2012

Take back sex and fun with a Speculum

After the fun week away and a very passionate and naughty weekend indulging with over, Monday was about us.

The 'take back sex' was mind blowing, I swear is cock has never been as hard or swollen for me. We didn't even get upstairs, his passion and immediacy to have me started with me bent over the sofa with my jeans and Panties still around my ankles. We moved to the sofa and YSL made love to me, no end game, just both of us enjoying our closeness and his cock being inside me.

I was due home by 10pm but at about 9 YSL had an idea, he grabbed a new toy of ours from Sex Shop 365, we had packed it to try when we were away but didn't get the chance to enjoy it due to being too busy fucking.

He returned with the speculum, after mastering the adjustments he rubbed lube over it and covered my cunt. I was already off the charts just watching him prepare, he inserted the stainless steel speculum slowly into me and began opening me up. I felt so exposed and vulnerable, I could not of been more on show. Feeling his fingers dart in and out but only because of the light touches deep inside was mind blowing. I start to cum and it gets too much and I ask him to take it out. I don't want him to stop but i need a moment and I need my cunt to stop spasming. after a minute or 2 of kissing he pushes it in again, this time it feels even deeper, I feeling even more open.

He sits before me and wanks his cock while exploring the depths of my cunt, I want to cum again so badly, the gentle teasing and exploration is so arousing, Dr YSL is certainly making me feel so much better. he sits forward on his knees and as i realised what he is doing I feel it, he shoots his cum directly deep inside my open and exposed cunt.

I'm sure the video isn't for everyone but for those that want to see ...


  1. Wonderful and exciting as always!

  2. We were really hoping to see his cum shooting into you. I've never seen a pussy open and exposed like that... I think we just added a speculum to our shopping list. My partner LOVED the view. Very nice video.