Friday, 6 April 2012

RAMPAGE - YSL's birthday treat part 3


I woke in his arms ahead of the scheduled alarm call. Before breakfast YSL thoroughly fucked me leaving my cunt dripping with his cum.

We had a 9am meeting with 2 Bi single males and I was a tad excited. We double booked them, both aware of each other and up for the ‘more the merrier’ approach but in truth we figured at least one would cancel and we were right. The guy that did turn up was lovely though. Nothing special to look at but his personality from the first messages had shone through and as we sat enjoying a coffee with him we were both pleased with our choice.

Den accepted our invite back to our room and before long we were all naked on the bed, me in the middle and enjoying the attention. YSL took the initiative and took Den’s cock in his mouth, it was Den’s first time and he was needing to relax and let go. I captured some precum off the tip of YSL’s cock and applied it to my lips then kissed Den, he gasped and licked my lips clean before going in for his first taste of cock. YSL and Den 69’d each other as I enjoyed the view until I moved in to rim YSL and lick his cock and balls as Den sucked it. Before long YSL got a mouth full of Den’s cum which instantly triggered without any warning his orgasm. Watching it shout out over Den was very arousing indeed.

I was invited back to the centre of the bed and thoroughly enjoyed both men’s attentions until they were both hard again. YSL takes my hand nad leads me to the Jacuzzi, instructs me to bend over and flogs me gently, clearly not wanting to scare off Den as this was also his first. YSL then hands him the riding crop and he retires to the sofas and watches me in the huge mirrors get a thorough cropping off Den. From being scared initially Den then got into the swing of it and ended up clearly aroused by my enjoyment and administering the cropping.

Back on the bed I’m offered 2 hard cocks to suck, I cram both into my mouth and enjoy the sheer greed of it. Taking turns sucking both cocks and seeing how aroused they both are really turned me on. I hungrily suck at the cocks and fantasise in my head what it would be like to have more. YSL moves round to fuck me as I lie on my front still sucking at Den and once I’ve cum asks Den to put on a condom and offers my holes to fuck. YSL licks at my cunt as Den slowly fucks me and shudders hard as he cums again. YSL takes his cock in his mouth and sucks Den while fisting me as Den kisses and rubs at my clit. Everyone getting and giving pleasure at once.

Its almost lunchtime and Den has to leave, YSL runs the Jacuzzi again and we relax in the effervescing waters. We have a few more treats planned for the day that confirm this was no frolic but a full on RAMPAGE!

We head out for a walk and find a lovely park, the swans and ducks give us good entertainment as we soak up the sunshine after a lovely lunch at a local grill restaurant. YSL is amused by my dry observations as people pass us by, some harsh but mainly funny. Again it was one of those perfect moments that I wish could be captured on film just laughing and being close together.

Kirsty and James were just arriving at the bar as we did. We had our reservations about Kirsty but instantly we were relieved as she was pretty and not quite the illiterate not case she was hinting at on texting. James was clearly an articulate business man that had taken the afternoon off to join us for some indulging fun. We were marching back to the hotel like sexual tour guides or the pied piper again, im sure staff at the hotel must of caught on by now. Thankfully the maid had been and the room was back to almost normal. The next 3 hours were filled with giggling from all of us except Kirtsy who had a loud cackle! Even with the heat outside we had to shut the windows as her cackle and voice were louder than we wanted but we certainly didn’t want to temper the fun being had. Kirsty was very vocal with her wants and told me explicitly that she was about to lick my cunt, at least that’s what I think she said her accent was so strong. Both men were kissing and touching me as she licked me enthusiastically before James took over then started to fist me. The first of many orgasms started. I enjoyed this session not so much for what we did but for the light hearted fun nature of it. Some of the chat was too much but it was fun nether-the-less.

There was a knock at the door, we all fell silent and looked at each other like naughty school children caught in the act. I send Kirsty and James into the bathroom and tell YSL to get in the bed, I answer the door in a see through chemise clearly looking like we had been fucking and ready to be told off for all the noise.


  1. Sunds like you have been having a lot of good fun ..! I have been following your blog for a long time but think this is the first time I have commented! Hope you didn't get told off tooo much!

  2. As usual, your photos are captivating evidence of the fun you all had! Glad that YSL - and you, of course - had such a great time. However, and this may seem strange, we found the shot of the swans in the pond at the park especially stunning in that we were not expecting it. Thanks for including it. Such a great post overall.

  3. As long as you were told off while being ogled... ;)

  4. A Swan break is recommended to ensure a successful RAMPAGE!!